Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bad Teacher!

[with respectful apologies to Jana Mathews at The Meanest Mom]

Long after the final bell, when everyone has cleared the hallways, I crawl under my desk and plot evil ways to destroy my students.  I change all of my due-dates to one week earlier and re-write tests to ENSURE that NOTHING we have actually studied is on them.

I do this because I want to ruin their futures and make myself look better by having a class full of failures.

While I'm at it, I usually break into their lockers and steal all of their notebooks and writing utensils.  I also violently shred the projects they have been working on for weeks and pour soda deep into their backpacks until their textbooks are illegible. 

When I have time, I use a sledge hammer to detonate their computer hard drives and randomly delete all their "Very Important Documents."  And when I'm super bored after my work day ends, I stay up all night doodling with a red pen on their homework and callling parents to BEG them to disconnect their Play Station or cell phone.  If all that still doesn't CRUSH their hopes and dreams, I wait until the next morning when I see them in class and then hypnotize them all so they fall fast asleep and miss all my instruction.

I am a fun stealer and a torturer of all young people.

Or so my students believe.

It's exam week here... The most wonderful time of the year!!

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  1. you do all that too? and i thought i was the only one!


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