Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just your average Sunday afternoon...

Spent playing dress-up...

...with a dog and a 91 year old man.

No big deal!

(And, in case you were wondering, Poppy does NOT normally wear his hair like that - that beauty is my handiwork.  But, he DOES normally wear that ski mask.  Creepy?)


  1. Why the hell do you have a short bleach blonde wig? ....actually, the more i look at it, it looks like an actual "hair piece".... still really bizarre, sister girl

  2. Kathry, that is Poppy's REAL hair... Just "styled." I am going to tell him you thought it was a short, bleach blonde wig. I love it!

  3. e, Im LITERALLY dying.. I cant wait to play with his hair. lol... LOOOOVE IT!! <3

  4. poor addy and poppy!! why do you want to humiliate the two of them that way!!! do they know their pictures are spattered all over the internet!! Poor Addy!


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