Friday, January 8, 2010


I suffer from anxiety about a lot of things, but this is new.

Thanks to the current "chain message" going around Face Book (see below,) I am now suffering from a rare disorder known as:

Bra Anxiety.

Some fun is going on.... just write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. And send this on to ONLY girls no men .... It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before the men will wonder why all the girls have a color in their status.  (This came directly from my FB inbox about two days ago.  I thought it might clarify for some of you non social-network addicted friends.)

Are people really wearing zebra-print, polka-dotted, rainbow-striped bras all the time?  With t-shirts? To work? What ELSE are you people wearing?!? What about when you wear a white blouse?  Or a light -colored turtleneck?  Am I the only one that wears these things?  I mean, I understand a little kink once-in-awhile, but every day?  Wouldn't you rather invest your money in something a few more people see - like a really cute dress?  I honestly thought this was only in the movies... and maybe my sister!

I wear boring "nude" every day.  I never thought this was a big deal - after all, it is the most practical shade - that is, until NOW.  I can't even bring myself to write it in my status even though I obviously support Breast Cancer Awareness.  I would try wearing something more exciting tomorrow... but those options include black (for when I am feeling especially wild) or more nude.  I am so vanilla.

What if my husband reads these status posts and catches on that he is missing out?!

Can anyone relate?  Please someone be able to relate!


  1. E - I can relate for sure. All I own is beige and black. m/b one day i'll branch out - but what's the need. We are just being practical...i haven't posted mine either for the same reasons. Love you!


  2. Bahahahha, this made me crack up, im glad you gave me a shout out.. and by the way, i literally almost DIED when you wrote "kink" cracking up! love you.

  3. I only have black, beige, and white. When i got the message I was wearing white, which I can argue is even worse than beige. I think you (and me and meg) are quite normal. And I agree that I would much rather spend $40 on a shirt or shoes than a bra.

  4. THIS is why I love my Clemson girl friends!! Thank you for making me feel normal. :)

  5. Nude is the most practical...I'm pretty sure most people get a lil wild twice a's called Victoria Secret semi-annual sale (going on now I think- if you're feeling a'd you put it? "Kinky"?)

  6. And yes, I believe Kathryn is the only one with a crazy outer & under wardrobe!

  7. Ashleyyyy!!! OUTER??? Whats wrong with my outer clothes. lol

  8. I looked down my shirt and gave an audible "YES!" I was wearing my hot pink bra. I have a lot of plain ones but I got lucky on FB bra day!

  9. Haha... stripes and polka dots don't really make a bra more expensive :) At least, not the ones I've seen. I guess I can get away with it because I never wear white tops!

  10. E...I would never wear anything but beige/nude. Except black when the attire requires it b/c you should never wear a white bra under black because if you get your picture taken all anyone sees is the white bra coming through. Also, if you wear these wild colors and prints it takes extra time to find undies to match in the morning...and who has time to match those things??? and I'd never be able to sleep if my undergarments didn't match. Of course I would never leave the house without them matching either...imagine if an accident occured and then at the hospital they had to strip you down and HELLO> polka dots up top and zebra at the bottom...yikes, they would already form a terrible opinion about you before they started treating you. I'd rather go out witout makeup, at least then the hospital staff would just think I was plain, not a fashion nightmare.
    love ya,


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