Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Names

No, I am not having a baby.  (At least not right now or any time in the next 9 months.)

I did, however, have an interesting discussion with one of my classes yesterday about creative baby names.  It started because a student was presenting a project on Tiger Woods (we won't go into all his drama here), which led me to announce that I hope to name a child 'Bear' one day. 

Bear Chapman.

Now, THAT, is a cute & cuddly name.  A hot-boy name. A MAN's MAN name.

What do you think?

A few other goodies that came up in our discussion: 
Note: These are actual names of people I "know."
  • London Email -- The mother thought of this because her friend "emailed" her a list of  potential names
  • Mary Magdelene Moses
  • Precious Snow White
  • La-a (pronounced La-dash-a)
  • Marijuana.  (As in... "Press 1 for Janice, Press 2 for Marijuana.")
And the very best...
  • Apurv.  Just imagine it: "Hi, I'm Apurv." Poor kid.
Kind-of makes 'Bear' sound normal, huh? Which, by the way, I'm really sincere about. Feel free to put in a good word with Jeff if you like it!

What are some interesting names you've run into?


  1. I want desperatly to name a son Inman or a daughter Kaydence Catherine. My hubby frowns on both but I think I may finally have started budging him on the girl name...not on Inman though :(

  2. You forgot an all time Deep Creek favorite... ABCDE....Absity... for the girl that had her baby in the highschool bathroom.. classy!! love u sister.

  3. OH NO! Davey is going to be shattered. He really wants to name his first son Bear! No joke! How have we not talked about this before?!?!

  4. On a similar note, when a restraunt asks for my name I always tell them Slumber.

    "Slumber Party of 4, Slumber Party of 4"

  5. Davey, what's wrong with two Bears in a family? Bear Barnhart Arthur & Bear Barnhart Chapman. I love it!

    I guess we'll just have to see which one of us has a baby first! Game on!

  6. Kathryn beat me to it! Gotta love Abcde...Her mother was just speaking about her the other day on FB! hahaha


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