Thursday, January 7, 2010

Members Only

My name is Elizabeth and I like to join clubs.

In pre-school, I was part of a very exclusive club where we only wore skirts and dresses and chased boys on the playground.

In elementary school, I was obsessed with The Babysitters Club, even naming all of our pets after the characters and secretly HOPING I'd get diabetes so I could be like Stacey - the prettiest one.

Middle School, High School, and College are literally a BLUR of clubs.

Now, I'm in a Book Club, a Weight Loss Club (or seven), the Junior League (which is also a CLUB), etc. etc.

And... my newest club...

The Frosty Club.

Nope, it has nothing to do with cold weather.  It is a club dedicated entirely to fast food consumption...

Jeff came home last night with a "treat" for me.  He said it was to support my latest resolution and efforts (i.e. Operation Spandex & Boots).  Ha!

The "treat" involves a free Frosty EVERY time I visit a Wendy's in Southwest Virginia.  He even had a very cute Frosty-shaped scanner tag for my key-chain, which even I have too much pride to actually carry.

I told him I wouldn't join, but who am I kidding? I've been waiting for this all my life...

I couldn't resist this photo... It is just TOO appropriate.


  1. I love that you wanted to contract diabetes to be like Stacey... she did make it seem pretty cool!!

  2. AH! Brittany and I were in Wendy's yesterday too! The lady asked me if I wanted to join and I quickly said no, not really listening to the question. After paying I read the sign and I said, dang it! That's too good to be true! So you should carry that keychain proudly :)

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  4. Elizabeth- I found your blog from one of your facebook status' and have been reading it for awhile and always enjoy it! I had to comment about your babysitters club phase because I went through the exact same thing! I tried out every character for a week or two! I think I was Claudia for the longest! I got to eat junk food and be artsy and cool!

  5. Jeff probably took credit for finding that unbelievable deal, didn't he? Chump!

  6. Tessica, I am so glad you are reading my blog! What a fun way for us "English-teacherish" girls to stay in touch. Your blog is great too... I love keeping up with you and all the RU girls! Hope you are doing well! Stay in touch!

    Bono, I'm sorry. Jeff never gives you credit. :)

    Laura, if you are still remiss about not getting your very own Frosty key-chain, let me know... I think I have an extra! ;)

  7. this would be my worst enemy..I can step out on my back porch and see Wendys.


  8. I wanted to be Mariann becaude even though she was kind of lame-o she had the hot boyfriend- Logan.

  9. I totally relate to the BBC comment. Stacy did make diabetes look rather glamorous didn't she?! I too am in the Junior North Houston, and I'm a teacher. Great to find your blog! Have a great day!


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