Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Last night I watched The Biggest Loser next to a man in a spandex leotard on the Stair Stepper.  I'm not sure which was more motivating - 500 pound people working harder than me at the gym and losing 30 pounds in a week, or a man confident enough to bare his ENTIRE body to me at the gym.  Hmm...

Note to Self: No matter how fit you are, spandex leotards are a no go.

Edited to Add: I have NOTHING against spandex itself, in fact, I hope to be wearing a lot more of it myself in the  new year.  (See my Goals for 2010.)  It is the spandex LEOTARD that I have a problem with... If it comes above the waist & is only one peice, you should avoid it at all costs.  Thanks!  *This is especially for my friend Lindsey in response to her post "Announcement" - No, she's not pregnant. :)

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  1. Thanks for your sweet note :-) You're right. I was not quite daring enough to wear the LEOTARD, and I'm not sure I should ever aspire to such confidence. Regardless, I am still positive that I looked ridiculous in my black shiny stretch pants underneath my shorts with a reflective orange vest on. Yay for exercise.


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