Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Outside Looking In

I WISH this is what you saw when you look in my house.  (Photo courtesy of RealSimple.com)

This morning, as I was downstairs getting my coffee, I could hear Jeff laughing in the bathroom - never a good sign.  It turns out he was watching our next door neighbors use their Wii Fit for a little morning aerobics in their living room, and it was pretty funny.

I know we sound like two creepers, but it is the reality of living in the city.  Jeff wasn't planning to witness their morning exercises; but the way our windows line up, we may as well be living together!

So I started thinking... I wonder what our life looks like from the outside looking in? On any random night (or at 7 o'clock in the morning as the case may have it), what might our little life look like through our window panes?

Here's what I came up with:

Well-lit.  One can always tell when I am home because there are only carefully selected lamps on.  If the house is pitch black or - worse - glowing from the hideous overhead light in the front room, Jeff is probably the only one home.

Studious. Our laptops sit right in the front foyer area looking out the two main windows of our house.  Sometimes I like to imagine evening passerbyers noting me "burning the midnight oil" on my laptop and assuming I am working on some very important document.  The reality, of course, is that I'm probably just mindlessly surfing Facebook... But, that is the joy of the window pane delusion.

Crazy. "Hide and Seek" and "Tag" with a dog. Need I say more?

Busy.  (Or, as some may call it... Suspicious.) We have a lot of people at our house, a LOT of the time.  We love it this way... but it probably looks a little odd from the outside.  For example, just yesterday I discovered Howard in our basement at 6:30 AM lifting weights. (I might add that I actually did think he was a burglar and armed myself with Addy the fighting Golden Retreiver before sneaking down in my fuzzy polka-dot robe.)  We also, fairly frequently, have randoms in our guest room or a friend asleep on the couch.  And even, occassionally, a visitor in our bathtub.  (See here for that story!)

In conclusion, if nothing else, I hope this was a friendly reminder to close your blinds!

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  1. hahaha!
    please, you have the cutest little house looking in!



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