Wednesday, February 10, 2010

By the Numbers

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to come up with good blog posts when ALL I am doing is sitting around the house... SO... hope this will at least keep you coming back when my life returns to normal... one day!

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35 (Thanks Megan!)
Approximate number of inches of snow we've had this winter.  Of course, this morning, I can't find the official number anywhere.  Oh well, you get the idea.  I haven't seen my grass in close to two months!

The number of days I have worked in the last TWO weeks.  For the first time EVER, this morning, I was actually disappointed when the "Instant Alert" phone call came through to tell me that schools were closed.  My house is clean, my laundry is done, my school work is planned up through about May... I am "snow-dayed" out.

Number of times I have been on FaceBook this month.  Once was to get a picture for Friday's blog post, and the other was to send a panicked message about my missing Kindle.  I still haven't looked at any photos, updated my live feed/status/etc.  What IS my mom up to?  As much as I miss FB, it is probably a really good thing I'm fasting from it this month.  With all of this free time, I would probably be in Facebook Comatose by now!

Days until the 10K in Richmond.

Number of times I have run since signing up for the 10K three weeks ago.

Pounds GAINED since the start of the new year.  Awesome.  Oftoagreatstart.

Movies watched in the past two weeks.  Last night I saw The Time Traveler's Wife.  It was no where near as good as the book, but worth watching.  Today, I'm hoping to venture out to see Dear John.

Average number of cups of coffee I drink a day now.

Average number of times I check my blog and everyone else's for updates.


  1. I feel you 8 snow days in a row... I am over it! and have a list just like yours!

    BTW I have something for you on my blog! (aw--cough---ard)

  2. its 35.something inches this winter (and that is without yesterdays) Just thought you'd want to know! =)

  3. Ok, when we talked this morning, I should have given you a list of things to do today.
    1. Clean my house
    2. Train my dogs
    3. Plan my wedding
    4. Update our wedding blog

    As payment, I offer the use of six items out of my closet, no questions asked. OR we could always put a mane clip in your hair and send you to Hollins... so I could work on the above four things myself :)

  4. Six items out of your closet is a GREAT deal. Where should I start?

  5. Feel free to loan me a snow day! It snowed for an entire day on Monday and somehow there was no accumulation on the roads.... so not even a delay. But I hear you- too much time off eventually gets old, weird as that sounds!


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