Sunday, February 7, 2010

Found: One Kindle

You guys can all stop looking.  I FOUND MY KINDLE!

Occasionally, maybe not often, my OCD comes in handy. In fact, I'd like to pay homage to it now for the role it played in the search for my long lost Kindle last night.

At approximately 11:50PM, after I had been whining/pouting/sending annoying emails and texts to everyone I knew for eight hours, our friend John suggested that we do one final search of the house.  This sounded like an excellent idea to me, until I realized that several boys were rummaging through all of my drawers and closets a few seconds later.  Oh well, either way, I had to be SURE the Kindle was not in the house.

I will be honest, I was only halfway looking.  I had already looked EVERYWHERE and was sure it wasn't there.  But, alas, I noticed a soda can in our upstairs bathroom trashcan.  Now, I have a very strict policy about food and beverage related trash staying ONLY in the kitchen trashcan.  I was disgusted.

BUT.... It made me think about TRASH.  And, it made me remember that I had placed an open-top paper bag full of trash right next to the staircase last night.  Immediately, I ran to the basement, flung open the door to our backyard, and into the industrial size trashcan I went.  (Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.)

A few layers of tissues, pizza boxes, and coffee grounds and... amazingly... THERE WAS MY KINDLE. 

Here I am celebrating her safe return home.

Thanks for all your prayers.  (Seriously.)  And, in case you were wondering, I will continue "mushing the bag" of dough until its rightful owner claims it.

Enjoy the Super Bowl! (We are watching with my mom and she keeps talking about how exciting it is that Kim Kardashian and Kendra - from The Girls Next Door - are in the stands.  Should be interesting.  Haha.)

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  1. OMG... I just wrote such a great comment, hit a wrong button and lost it... so in a nutshell.. it's really no big deal digging through the trash looking for stuff... your dad and I dug, literally through our old lady next door neighbors - Mrs, Robertson looking for our three month old kitten, Lily!! we thought we were being so sneaky taking our trash over to her can, late at night! Then, Lily went missing and we were sure she was in the can! We dug through everything.... only to find Lily sleeping in your dresser drawer! I hope you remember that, E!! Oh and how about the time Dr. Mulvaney dug through the garbage at his 400 unit condo looking for Mrs. Mulvaney's teeth!! he found them too... oh I could go on and on!!! Glad you found your Kindle!!


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