Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl 2010

Disclaimer: I attended two Super Bowl events.  I watched approximately eight minutes of the game. 

I was happy the Saints won because it led to a parade around the house to "Oh When the Saints Come Marching In."  I love parades.

I was also happy because, according to my mother, if the Saints won, Reggie Bush (New Orleans running back) was going to propose to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.  Among many other things, I can relate to Kim in this area.  During our dating years, Jeff constantly tried to dump me if we lost in any form of competitive team sport - i.e. Monopoloy, Poker, Putt-Putt - AND once, I made him promise he would marry me if I finished a half-marathon.  (Side Note: We have been married for almost three years, and I've STILL never even come close to running a half-marathon.)  Anyway, I'm happy for Kim, I understand her.  (Photo from

Finally, of course the commercials were my favorite part of the night.  It seems Doritos and Budweiser have not been as affected by the downward economy as everyone else this year.  My favorite?  Doritos: Underdog
Most thought provoking? Skecher's Shape-Ups. Is anyone fooled into thinking Joe Montana really wears these ridiculous things.  Come on America, do some leg lifts! Even I am not that lazy. 

What were your favorite Super Bowl highlights?

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