Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Harder Than I Thought

I'm going to be honest... Had I known it was going to continue snowing the ENTIRE month, and I would never go to school again, I probably would NOT have chosen to make February Facebook free.  I already feel like I've been separated from one of the loves of my life.  Dramatic, yes, but true. Somehow, sitting on my blog all day just isn't as fun as Facebook stalking.

I have had a fun day with "real life" friends though.  Five girlfriends came over bright and early for coffee by the fire.  Man, life doesn't get much better than that!  Now... I am watching the movie 500 Days of Summer.  It is pretty cute, plus, it is making me think about two important life questions...

1.) Should I start wearing ribbon again?  I know this goes against my fashion post from a few days ago, but Summer pulls it off.

2.) Can guys and girls really just be friends?  I genuinely want to know what you think about this... I've seen this go both ways, but mostly I feel like one party is always an idiot about it.  The verdict is still out for me. (Just to confirm... I am not questioning whether or not Jeff and I are just friends... I think we've settled that.)

Please comment... it is my only form of social networking.  Thanks!


  1. 1. no, do not keep wearing ribbon, its stupid.
    2. I think you and jeff are better as friends, no offense. I wanted to tell you on your wedding day, but you both looked so "happy"
    3. i'll keep you updated on REALLY important facebook news feed information.
    i love you, sister

  2. Umm, I am totally going through withdrawals! I have put up 2 posts today on my blog. I have contemplated a 3rd and a 4th already too. This is sad. Maybe I should go read . . .

  3. What will I do at work all day if I give up facebook? Just kidding...well kind of :)

    E, I think guys and girls can be just friends...but I do think that things change once you get married...it's just not really appropriate to have a super close guy friend who's not your husband. Just my two-sense!

  4. Elizabeth,

    For the hundreth time, we are just friends. Although you are beautiful and fun to be around, you are still married to a good friend of mine. Quit asking.

  5. 1) I think Joe should blog.
    2) I heart ribbons.
    3) 500 days of summer made me cry but I looooved it.
    4) The friends thing is tricky. The only guy I ever thought worked as "just a friend" was Alan...then we got married. Every other guy there ended out being feelings on one or both sides. After marriage the lines become much clearer and guy/girl friendships become easier.
    5) I'm buzzed right now. Two little kids and colds and snow days and cabin fever= alcohol. So sorry if this doesn't make sense. =)

  6. Sarah, I LOVE you!! You are the funniest thing... seriously, my mom-idol. :) I truly hope I am as cool and fun as you when I "grow up." Also, you PERFECTLY summed up my feelings about guy/girl friendships. Well done blog friend... Can we PLEASE hang out in real life soon? It would make a great blog!

  7. I second Sarah's post - HE-larious!
    Made me happy =0) Now ... where are you 5 o'clock?? ;0)


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