Monday, February 1, 2010

No Facebook February

I've decided to give-up Facebook for the entire month of February.  (No, it is not a coincidence that this is the shortest month of the year OR that the two words kind-of sound alike... I take these kinds of "signs" very seriously.)

I wish I had a very deep and meaningful purpose for this, but it is mostly just because recently I've spent ENTIRELY too much time looking at other people's lives.  (True, I will just continue to do this via blogs, but it at least sounds a little better in my mind.) Facebook is such a good way to stay in touch with friends, but it can be really draining for me too.  (Read this post for more explanation.)  So... I'm taking a break.

If you wound up here because of my "status," you already know this... But it is worth noting that my mother will, undoubtedly, be continuing to use my FB account for her own stalking needs.  (Don't bother telling her she needs her own account... She has already weighed all the options and decided that she likes having my friends more than her own!)  So... if you notice any weird posts or comments... it is my mom, and I'd greatly appreciate a phone call or note here to tell me how she is affecting my reputation and social life. :)

**I should add that contacting me through Jeff's account will be NO help either.  His facebook is already managed entirely by another stalker, i.e. our friend Bono.  SO... If you are having a party or have an important announcement of some kind, please resort to the old fashioned telephone so we don't miss out!

Here is my updated FB profile picture and status for the month:

Friends, I'm celebrating No Facebook February!!! (Yes, I made this up.) So... While I'm "detoxing," any comments made etc. will be coming straight from my MOM. (Look, I can't ruin her social life too! Haha!) Until March, come visit me at my blog!! I will miss you!

So... Day 1: No Facebook February.  Anyone up for a challenge and want to join me?  (You can start any time.)


  1. you'll never make it a whole month without a single visit. fb is too valuable of a resource to spend 28 days without. I'd be willing to bet on it, but then again we all know how bets with you turn out... so you can just tell me when you give in and I'll be sure to say, "I told you so!"

  2. Oh My Gosh.... I am so excited to have E off my FB account for awhile!!! she has really said some inappropriate things to you all!!! I totally agree w/ Andrew, no way can you stay off FB for a month!! like not drinking cokes, going to the gym, shall I go on an on!!! well, I am excited to be on FB (with my own pic and all!!) thanks honey, I love it!!!

  3. yeah good luck with that. I tried to do no facebook at work for a while and failed miserably. I won't even attempt it for a whole month. I'm proud of you though!

  4. okay, as much as i would rather cut off my arms than give up facebook, and as much slack as everyone's giving you.. i feel like you'll be able to do this. you DID practically give up food for the skinny bitch diet... ;) Love you sister.

  5. Kathryn, thank you for your vote of confidence. We all know what GREAT results the diet gave me... let's hope this one will be better.
    More importantly, if you really had to choose between your arms and Facebook, would you REALLY choose FB? If so, I think you should seek counseling. Ok.

  6. I am in! I just updated my status that I was going to participate in No Facebook February. Maybe I can get some reading done and some projects done that have been sitting in piles while I wasted mindless hours on Facebook!

  7. Is it ironic that I just posted a "Facebook weekends only" on my blog?
    I think people are slowly realizing there COULD be more outside the Facbeook realm! I wish you the best of luck! You can do it.

  8. I think that's great!!! I gave up texting for New year's and it's such a relief not to do it!

  9. I gave up FB for Lent last year and it was haaaard!! But good. I might do it again this year. I just told Alan yesterday that I'm not going on FB Sundays, Mondays or Wednesdays anymore. We shall see. ;-) You'll do great! I discovered once you make it past the first week the cravings wane substantially! =)
    Also, your mom is super pretty!


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