Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Minor Slip Up

No... this post isn't about my diet, although I do "slip up" relatively frequently there.  It is about, literally, my slip. 

HOT huh!?! If you are thinking, "Who wears slips these days anyways?" I understand.  Really, this was my belief too.  Old people wear slips.  

I wore an adorable cream-colored cotton dress, that I had just found on clearance, to work one day last spring.  (I had a spray tan, ok?  I know my skin well enough to know that cream isn't really a fashion "do" for me!)  I was well aware that this was risky; but, I wore beige undergarments (because everyone knows that white will show through), and I asked Jeff to examine me in the bathroom lighting - oh boys!  I'll admit, I left the house feeling pretty good.
Then, around 2nd period, one of the "more experienced" teachers at my school "politely" pulled me aside and said: "You REALLY need a slip with that dress.  You can see right through it, and all the boys are probably looking right at your underwear."  Excellent.  Not only did I then feel super professional but, at least for the next six classes, also totally obscene.

Adorable cream-colored cotton dress went back on the hanger, never to see the florescent light of day again.

Later, when tights and leggings season approached, I thought my problems had been solved.  NO ONE can see through opaque black tights.  Need for hideous slip = gone.  Excessive static electricity that made sweater dresses stick to me in a grossly unflattering way = very present.  And, so, the search for a slip officially began...

This started with a change of attitude.  I told myself that a slip was just like a camisole for my bottom half.  Then, I purchased two half slips - simple beige and a black half - at the Jockey outlet this winter.  I was well on my way to becoming a frumpy, slip-wearing, non-vulgar, teacher.  And, of course, I proudly showed of my new purchases to said co-worker. 

I wish I could tell you that all my problems stopped here.  But, alas, that was not the case.  As it turns out,  my little "fashion must have" keeps riding up on my legs and forming a tire-like formation around my midsection.  Trust me, I do NOT need this.  I'm pretty sure I'd rather people just see my underwear.  (At least they are cute.  Slips are just ugly.)

What should I do?  I'm considering suspenders under my dress.  Any better options?

Please help!!


  1. E, I feel you.

    Because my thighs are so big a hole will form in the crotch of my pants. In college, underwear was not always a luxury I could afford. Without going into too much detail, when girls around campus were winking and smiling at me, I knew it was time to do laundry.

  2. i wear slips all the time
    I buy them at goodwill
    they make me feel trashy/sexy in a 1956 kind of way. red lipstick. cigarettes. (both clearly are terrible but kind of fun)

    check out gw on brambleton. wash. clearly

    I like that Joe and I both had things to say on this.

  3. On a serious note have your tried a full body nude slip? Not the old person type, but like spanx? They carry some not so bad things of this nature at TJ Maxx- it's worth a look. I also am a firm believer in having several pairs of nude panties come summer, I mean white pants and skirts are a dangerous, but necessary part of the season! Hope this helps (and that you were looking for real advice)!

  4. I just wanted to say that you look really hot in that pic of you wearing a slip.

  5. You seriously need to try a full body slip. I got a nude one from Kohls for about $20 and I wear it under the majority of my dress. I have never had an issue with it riding up like I used to with 1/2 slips. Hope that helps :)

  6. How about a loose pant style slip, can't see how it could ride up as much???

  7. As soon as you find a solution send it my way! I love all the light flowy cotton sundresses, but uh... hate the way they always seem to suction to your butt!


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