Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh No You Didn't

First of all.... Can I just say that I LOVE Chris Harrison.
He might be the wisest man in the world.  I mean, he just offers so much to all the Bachelors and Bachelorettes.  Don't we all need a Chris Harrison in our lives?  (I can just imagine now... Whenever Jeff and I got into a little "tiff," Jeff could go into a beautifully decorated living room and stare at a framed picture of me - looking my very best - and ask Chris for his advice.  Of course, Chris would always side with me.  It would be excellent.)

Anyways, back to the matter at hand... Can you believe that ole Rozzy drug Chris into her romantic love-triangle drama?  HOW DARE SHE?!?!  I could handle her denying her "relations."  I could handle her attitude with the girls.  I could EVEN handle her swearing on her child's life --- although, really, what was she thinking?  BUT... I will NOT tolerate her making a judgement of Chris's character.  If we can't rely on Chris to be a good man, who CAN we trust?

Oh well... I guess Roz was just in a bad mood because she, clearly, was attacked by a wild bear on her way in to the studio.  (Pictures to come in the AM.)

Until next week...


  1. I'm glad you posted on this!! I ALSO love him. He's married to his high school sweetheart and so not skeazy. Unlike Roz the QUEEN skeaz. Ew.

  2. Oh, I know! He is such an awesome guy. :) I love how he takes it all so seriously and such. Looove. :) Can't wait for the finale tonight!!


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