Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

Last week...

I did not convince myself that it would snow and, therefore, excuse myself from all regularly scheduled household chores over the weekend.

Because of this, I did not allow my house to become so totally unorganized and disgusting that I had a mental breakdown.  And, I definitely did not attack my sister and an unassuming friend who arrived early for Bible Study on Wednesday night to "help" me clean my bedroom.  I would never ask this of a guest. 

On Friday, I did not clean my house while friends played board games in the dining room.  I would never miss an opportunity to socialize because of an obsessive compulsive disorder. Not to mention, vacuuming with company is incredibly rude. 

Since I did not do all of these things, I had no need to spend the prettiest day of the season in the house vacuuming mini-blinds and under furniture all day Saturday.  I don't even notice dirt and dog hair. 

I am totally relaxed and normal.  I will be great at handling a house full of kids one day.

Edited to Add: Just in case you were wondering... I also did NOT try to get away with lighting candles in my classroom today (I mean, it's NOT like were having a funeral for Julius Caesar or anything) and get "caught" by the assistant principal.  I know better than to try to use fire products with teenagers.


  1. Wow, you and I are very different. And you would have had a hard time sharing a room with Liz Rutter :-)

  2. oh goodness, but at least your house is clean. enjoy it now, because kids have this special talent at messing up anything that looks kinda clean, lol.

  3. hehehehe. I love this post. I think I'll have to get into Not Me Mondays. And PS. I have NEVER used candles or matches or anything in my classroom. Never.... ahem. And PPS. A funeral for Julius Caesar sounds like an awesome idea- you must be a creative teacher!

  4. Love the vaccuming with friends over! I have done that -- but with cleaning the bathroom. I love your header photo and your background. So cute. I too, am experiencing teaching, marriage, and dog ownership!


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