Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Calling All Fashionistas

Ok ladies, I need some style advice.  (i.e. I have cleaned my ENTIRE house including the oven and all the cabinets in procrastination of my final essays for grading, and now, I need a new project.)

This weekend, I will be attending a very important event...  This event requires me to look super cute.  This event, in case you were wondering, is the Taylor Swift Concert in Charlottesville, VA.  I'll be going with my mom, sister, and five of my mom's sorority sisters + their daughters.  I have literally been "planning my outfit" for weeks.  I mean, what if Taylor happens to call me up on stage, OR, worse, I get invited to a college party.  I'm sure you can understand the pressure surrounding this event.

Pretty much, my only requirement for the outfit is that I not "look fat," and that it goes with cowboy boots.  (I mean, of course, right?) After purchasing and returning several dresses, I think I've finally settled on this one from Anthropologie:

It is called the "All Seasons Shirtdress" and the description says it "goes great paired with a skinny turtleneck, a cozy cardi, or just your favorite sandals."  I can't go wrong here, right?

Well, maybe...

I WANT to wear a black "skinny" turtleneck under this, black tights, and my cowboy boots.  That would be my perfect outfit.  (I LOVE turtlenecks and tights, remember?)  BUT... It is supposed to be around 70 degrees this weekend.  This is a problem because my legs are the color of skim milk (you know, white but kind-of transparent) and my knees are still scarred like an eight year old girl's from this incident.  Oh, what's a girl to do?

So... Here's where you come in:

What are the rules for wearing tights and turtlenecks?  The concert will be at night, and it isn't officially spring yet.  So, should I just go ahead with my Plan A?  Should I get a spray tan and skip the tights? Pair the dress with a "cozy" cardi and tights instead? Cut the cowboy boots (remember, this is a country concert) and wear leggings? Bag the dress all together and wear jeans?

I need feedback! Please help!

P.S. Did I mention that everyone in Charlottesville is beautiful?  They are.


  1. E, it will officially be spring on Saturday the 20th!! So, that kinda throws another kink into things!! i vote for everything, except the turtleneck!! you might be hot at the "show."

  2. Ummm e. do you even OWN that dress? I came over SUNDAY looking at clothes, and did not see that dress, anywhere. I second mom.. dont wear the turtleneck, just throw on a cardigan.. wear leggings, per what we talked abut the other night.. and wear boots. love you.

  3. no turtleneck...maybe no leggings. 70 degrees is pretty toasty. Why not try Dove Energy Glow lotion? I love it and it adds very subtle color :)

  4. 1) You are rich. I could never spend that much on a dress.
    2) I love said dress.
    3) I also vote against the turtleneck and in favor of the boots and cardigan.
    4) You will look fabulous dancing on stage with Taylor Swift but you should probably wear bling of some sort because we both know that Taylor will be wearing a sparkly dress, holding a sparkly guitar, wearing sparkly make-up, and quite possibly rocking sparkly boots.
    5) So. Jealous.

  5. If I have learned anything from going to ALOT of UVA sorority parties it is always wear less. I was at a Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes party at the Tri Delt house. I don't even want to tell you what the girls were(n't) wearing.

  6. Dress, Leggings, Cardigan, Boots, SPARKLES (good call Sarah) - DEFINITELY NOT a turtle neck.

    PS - I got ahold of Taylor's tour manager... NO DICE. She said they had a new policy of requesting them a week prior and due to HIGH demand, they were gone before March. Boo hiss, I tried =)

    Oh and I like the Dove Energy Glow idea! I need to get some of that! HAVE FUN!!

  7. I say go with the dress definitly because I'm in love with it! Nix the turtleneck! All those people at a concert? you'll want to take it off! and I say tights with boots! DEFINITLY WEAR THE BOOTS! haha I think it'll look great! and you must post pictures! :)

  8. E - First of all,l I love the title of this blog and the fact that when I saw it pop up on my reader I immediately though "better go check that out." hahahaha. I used a Jergens Natural Glow lotion before Dana's wedding. It worked pretty well... they even have an "express" one that works even faster that Brooke used. No streaks or anything. I think you'd definitely regret the turtleneck. just from a temperature standpoint, not a fashion one. good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!

  9. That dress is adorable! I agree with everyone that you should most definitely not wear a turtleneck... you will be burning up at an indoor concert (but, then again, I vote against turtlenecks 98% of the time...)

    If you decide to go a non-dress route, you can never go wrong with your skinny jeans, sandals, some kind of fitted tank and a flowy cardigan! You always look cute, so I'm not worried :)

  10. I'm all for ditching the dress- call my casual, but I like jeans, a cute loose/flattering top, and some adorable sandals/flip flops.

    I understand the desire for cowboy boots, but you won't be the only person there without them!

  11. Love the dress. Go with the dress, the cardi, and the boots. Concerts are hot, you won't want to be stuck in tights/leggings or a turtleneck. Boots are essential. Don't worry about the pale skin. A) It's March-- IF anyone even notices, they'll probably forgive you. B) There's probably hardly any skin showing between the bottom of dress and top of boots anyway. C) I don't know much about spray tans but I wonder if you were getting all hot and sweaty, would it start dripping off? Or onto the dress? Party foul!!


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