Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Addy's Day!!!!

Today is a very special day for me.  Not only do I get to wear green - which I LOVE - and celebrate my pale, freckled, hot-tempered, Irish-ness, BUT, it is also Addy's 2nd Birthday!!!

 On the day we got her.  (May 2008)

And today.  Doesn't she look so grown up?

*Can you tell I need a BABY to take pictures of?!?  :)

Oh and... Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


  1. Yayyy!!! Happy birthday Addie!!!! E, Minne will be FIVE in May, she is getting old. Addie looks like she seriously understands that its her birthday and she is truely happy about it!

  2. Wow, she is a cutie! For being a cat person, I really love dogs...

  3. Happy Birthday Addele! We should have a joint party for you, Addy and Fiddle... he turns two on March 28th!

  4. What is so weird about this is that I have a Golden Retriever, too, and his 2nd birthday is April 2nd! I have to order his birthday cake mix this week. Last year I made him homemade dog biscuits cut into the shape of dog bones. This year I want to make him an actual birthday cake that he can eat! Fun times!

    Happy Birthday Addy!

  5. Happy Birthday Addy!!

    I was one on Tuesday and even tho I'm a cat I have to admit, rather grudgingly, that you are quite cute...

    Love the blog - it fair cheers me up in rain-sodden Scotland. x

  6. Happy Birthday Addy!!!! Our Tigger, well, we don't know her birthday, but I need to just choose a day . . . maybe TODAY! :)

    Happy St. Pat's to ya!

  7. Happy St. Paddy's Day Miss Addy, and Happy B'day!! I cannot believe you are two! Such a beautiful girl!! Lily and Mia send their wishes too! Love, Bear (girl)

  8. Sean was looking over my shoulder as I read your blog and said, "Her dog is only 2! Why is your dog so crazy?"


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