Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Case of the Missing Stamp

Have you ever noticed how much unnecessary stress occurs in the workplace?  And, worse, how many very important matters of business go unhandled?

Take this morning, for example...

Several months ago, I used the English Department stamp (as in, a stamp with an ink pad that said "English Department") to mark some new novels I had purchased for my classes.  Today, a VERY urgent need for the stamp came up in the department... And, as luck would have it, I was the last to be seen with it.

For approximately two hours this morning, an entire wing of the school was in upheaval searching for the missing stamp.  (I'm not lying... you would have thought we had lost a small child.)  My class was interrupted three times by frantic phone calls of people who SWORE they DID NOT  have the stamp.  My heart was racing.  I was prepared to make the large financial investment to replace the stamp, but HOW would I EVER reclaim my organized and responsible reputation?

Luckily, by 10AM, the stamp had been found (in the desk of the FIRST PERSON I suggested had it, by the way), and peace was beginning to be restored to the school.  Meanwhile, I noticed my 3-hole punch was missing.  AND NOW, my Flat Belly Diet Journal is gone.  Despite my panicked e-mails and puppy-eyes, NO ONE seems concerned about these items. 

How long will I be the low man on the totem pole?

Updated 12:08PM (3/10/10): Three-hole punch and Flat Belly Journal are FOUND.  A co-worker had borrowed the journal to make copies for our lunch bunch (I've now officially put everyone I know on a diet), and one of the other teachers in my room had moved my hole punch to weigh down the blinds during a movie yesterday.   Also, sorry if my post sounded too sad... I was really in more of a sarcastic mood, but it was a frustrating day! :)


  1. WOW - i SO feel your pain! That is the kind of stuff that goes on in my workplace ALL the time! And then these other VERY CRUCIAL matters are put on the backburner! INSANITY!

  2. I totally understand that low-man feeling!
    Hope your day gets better!

  3. So what was so urgent? And where was the person who actaully had it on their desk? Did they have a 'man look' and not see it? :)

  4. SO annoying!! I'm sorry that you felt that way :/ At least it was found!

  5. awww sister girl. That last litte line made me....dare i say it....sad. I hope you find your things. If not, I WILL BUY YOU A NEWWWWWW flat belly journal. love you. hope you find your things. :)


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