Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wishful Wednesday... Wedding Edition

So, I've been wanting to participate in The Seattle Smith's Wishful Wednesday for a few weeks, but I just haven't connected with any of the topics.  Then... I read today's:

"I wish I could have worn __________________ on my wedding day."

Oh, how I've been waiting for someone to ask me this!  Haha.  Here I am on my wedding day in 2007 in my very simple white gown.  (Isn't Jeff SO handsome?!?!)

Photo by Paul Calhoun Photography... go check him out!

Now, first of all, let me say: I LOVED everything about my wedding day - including this dress!  Jeff REALLY isn't into frills (ruffles/beads/etc.) and honestly, that's not much my style either.  The whole theme of our wedding was SIMPLE - so this dress fit perfectly.  (If you want to see more pictures, go check out our photographer's website here.) BUT, I've often said the ONE thing I would have done differently would have been to spend more time searching for "the PERFECT dress." 

Strangely, I'd been imagining details like my bridesmaids' dresses (bright orange) and my flowers (tulips) for YEARS, but I'd really never thought about my dress.  Add to that the fact that Jeff is so picky and that we only had a six month engagement (you should have heard the sales lady putting the pressure on about how long it takes for dresses to come in/get altered/etc.  FYI - I had PLENTY of time), and it makes sense that this just wasn't a huge priority.  I believe this was about the fourth or fifth dress I tried on and, if I remember correctly, my exact words were "I think this one will do." :)

My mom and sister were with me (what a special thing to get to do together... I am SO lucky to have them both in town) and agreed that it was beautiful.  However, my mom did say: "Aren't you supposed to cry and scream or something?"  Either way, we left that day with an order placed and I didn't see the dress again until it came in in a few weeks.  To be honest, when I got it, I was actually surprised to see that the chiffon overlay actually had a little shimmer to it - didn't notice that before. 

In the end, the dress required very little alterations and Jeff LOVED it.  I never second-guessed my decision.  Today, it is hanging (still unwashed, mind you) in my closet at home.  Maybe by my third anniversary this June, I'll feel brave enough to try it on.  (Hello Flat Belly Diet!)  What good memories it holds --- wine stains and all! :) (Side Note: I also got to wear my mom's "blusher" from her veil as mine. This part was probably more special to me than the dress itself.)

ANYWAYS, back to the matter at hand... I think, if I had it all to do over again (which, I never will), I'd choose something with A LITTLE more detail!  I LOVE J-Crew's wedding line (so me), so I'd probably go with something from there.  Like:
OR... One of these beauties from Vera Wang (as long as we're daydreaming, why not go all out?):

You'll notice I never get TOO adventurous!  :)

Now, go join in the fun and check out more gown wishes here. Happy wishing!


  1. I like the simplicity of your will never look back in years adn think "what was i thinking?!" were a beautiful bride :)

  2. You were a BEAUTIFUL bride!! I love how classic you both look! Love your other choices as well! =)

  3. OH, but i LOVE your dress! I think i like it better than all the others you posted! It's simple, but soooo gorgeous & it looks great on you! I do like the 2nd one you put up from JCrew & the 2nd one you put up from Vera Wang also, but i like yours just as much! But yeah - i loved my dress but there are other things about my wedding that i wished i'd done differently. AH- well. :)

  4. I love your picks!! esp the first 3!! wow!!

  5. I love the dress that you wore. Simple is best sometimes and you looked gorgeous!

  6. great pics...
    but you look absolutely gorgeous in the dress you wore...
    and with a smile like that who needs any extra detail =)

  7. I am so glad I finally had a topic you liked!!! YOU must email me a few ideas because I want you to play more :)

  8. I love your wedding pic- simple and classic! You two are such a cute couple! I love your blog and am a new follower!


  9. I loved your dress!! So perfect for you :) But I'm not even married yet and I still see dresses that I love (none that I like quite as much as the one I chose, but still)... I think it's inevitable.

  10. And I still can't manage to add a profile picture to my comments. I'm impaired.

  11. I love your dress. It's very classy! I think every girl wants to get married at least 3-4 times (to the same guy of course!) so that we can wear all the different gowns we like: the destination wedding gown, the vineyard wedding gown, the beach wedding gown, the church wedding gown,etc...
    I think women should push to have as many as we want! Maybe men will agree if we tell them they'll get more presents...and honeymoons! hahaha!
    I think we should try some on just for fun! Oh hell, who knows... I may end up needing one (or 3) some day! hahaha! Yeah right! :)

  12. Jeff looks like the he's the president of the United States in that picture.

  13. So my good friends Laura Herald and Brittany Wright told me I HAD to read your blog..and the first time I did (please don't think this is me being a stalker) I spent a good hour, hour and a half reading just about every post. Since then I have kept up and have enjoyed myself immensely the few times a week that I visit.

    I love your wedding dress because of the simplicity. By the way, have you ever noticed that (especially in the pictures you have posted) that these models in these dresses look absolutely miserable and malnourished. I would comment on all, but maybe just one...Vera Wang #3: Looks like she will cutttt you and then probably kill you.

    Happy blogging!


  14. Love the dresses you've posted, & the dress you wore! I tried on a dozen dresses, with my sister-in-law, & we both knew when I put on the eleventh one that it was "the one." I bought it that same day. & I, too, had a short engagement period & didn't feel any of the pressure anybody tried to put on me about time. =)

  15. s.u.p.e.r cute wedding dress! love the pic.


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