Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caught in the Act

No... not that act.  (Gross!)

This morning the sun was shining, I was having an exceptionally good hair day, I ate a hearty (but healthy) breakfast, and... I was approximately 15 minutes late to work.  At some jobs this might not be a big deal.  But, when I am late, I have 25 teenage faces staring at me and 25 teenage bodies (the ones attached to those faces) standing outside my locked classroom drawing attention to my tardiness.

Today, not only were those 25 joys waiting for me, but the assistant principal and a handful of other teachers were also standing RIGHT in the doorway when I entered.  Literally, I felt like I was playing "Red Rover" upon entering the school.  Sure, it felt a bit like an exhilirating parade for a moment; but, the excitement faded as I realized the time.  I was caught.

The truth is... I am late to EVERYTHING.  This is weird because, in most other areas, I am incredibly organized and Type A.  But I can't, for the life of me, be early anywhere.

I blame this primarily on Jeff and Addy.  Back when I was a single gal, I could be called "a morning person" (gasp).  But now, I have adopted the habits of my family and  A LOT!  So waking up is difficult. 

I'd like to say the problem stops there, but the truth is, I usually still get up in, technically, enough time to make it to work on time. And, I wish I could say I had a million things to do in the morning but, if I'm honest with myself, I do NOTHING productive in the mornings.  I drink coffee.  I read (sometimes).  I check email (a lot).  I do NOT do reasonable things like - feed/walk my dog (she sleeps more than she sheds - I know!), dress small children (I wish!), make big breakfasts (yea right!), exercise, OR follow an extensive beauty routine.  Truth be told, I could be ready for work in 25 minutes if I didn't mess around.

So, there you have it.  A confession of sorts.  I am chronically late with no good reason.  I just needed to get that off my chest. 

I think admitting that I have a problem is supposed to be half the battle.  Good.

Step 2: Figuring out WHY I am tardy and HOW to fix it.  (According to this little quiz, I am a willfully ignorant time trapper who tends to be messy and stressy. AHH!)

Step 3: Um... stop being tardy?  One can only hope!

(And, for the record, I don't think the principal cared one bit, which makes this whole thing even more difficult to overcome.)


  1. I am late too! Every day :( Only to work, mind you, but every single day.

    Except for today! I was so proud of myself. And then. I realized I had worn my bright orange crocs to work.

    Perhaps it's better to be a little late?

  2. I'm late too. My last job was supposed to be 8-5. But I told them from the beginning that I wouldn't be there until 8:15. It didn't matter how hard I tried to be there by 8, I just couldn't do it. People expect me to be a little late. (and by a little, I mean 5 minutes or so...)

    I've gotten to the point where I say it's just part of my charm. So I now have a job with flexible hours. Doesn't matter if I'm here at 8 or 9... but when it comes to meeting with clients?

    I'm still hyper sensitive about that one. Because I HATE being late.

    But unlike you... I have the kids to blame it on... (even though they leave WAY before I need to... heh.)

  3. allow me to set the stage. One morning, at approx. 7:15 e called me in a FULL panic that she didnt have anything to wear that day( I think something important was going on...) so she called me and BEGGED me to bring her something. So, I rolled out of bed, cleared out my closet and drove over to her house. (Please note... I did not have to be at work until 2pm...) there was my sister... VACUUMING the house.. with wet hair, and in a bathrobe... jeff, he was still sleeping, and addy was in the bed too. Most people would think "Hm..instead of vacuuming, I will BLOW DRY MY WET HAIR..." nope. not her. I beleive she left the houes at 8:15 that morning.. literally. Love you sister.

    For future reference... if anyone would like any more examples of how she is ALWAYS late.. please feel free to contact me. I have 24 years worth (btw...shes LYING when she says "i used to not be late.." FALSE!!!)

  4. Great quiz! I'm also a willfully ignorant time trapper, but I have no idea why I'm always running behind! Writing out a list of my morning routine and how long each task should take is a good idea.

    This post was really convicting--good work!

  5. What would I do without my sister to keep me honest? Her comments are far more entertaining than my actual blog posts!

  6. I hate being late when people are waiting on me, but clearly I have no problem being 5-10 minutes late for work on the regular! I agree that significant others are a good source to blame, though... whenever Davey and I are late to something, you can bet that 90% of the time it was because Davey couldn't decide what to wear (after trying seven different things on... five of which were probably different tie-dye t-shirts). The other 8% would probably be a dog vs. mud situation... and I'll own the last 2% :)

  7. I just realized that Davey reads your blog religiously, E... now I'm caught. Crap.

  8. OH Please don not get me started!!!! What is your problem~!!! Everyone does talk about all the teachers that come dragging into school late!! What kind of an example are you setting for our kids..... Please get with it!!! I do get mad, because I do make an effort to get to work on time!!! If you taught elementary school, you'd be on time!!! You truly have no excuse AT ALL!!! what in the world will happen when you do have kids??? You are not just late for work, you are late for EVERYTHING!!!! It is time that you STOP That!! Stop that right now!! you are 26 years old!!! I rarely fuss at you, but this one really gets my GOAT!!!!! GET WITH IT!!!! so there!!!

  9. get it mom....damn!

  10. im a snooze-and-loser.
    its so true...
    somedays i dont get out of bed til lunch, just cause i couldnt be bothered to get up... oh i love uni life :)

  11. Julie ain't messin' around... before you know it, E, you'll be grounded :) (Love you Julie!)

  12. Girl, i totally understand! & i am pretty organized in every other area too! I am never late to weddings or parties or movies or meeting a friend, anything like that - b/c they are in the EVENING (or afternoon). But i am SO not a morning person & i have such a hard time getting up! It doesn't matter what time i go to bed (i used to stay up way too late, now i go to bed by 10!).

    Thankfully i don't have a classroom waiting on me, though. Recently, our office gave us flextime, where we can change our hours to earlier (like 7-3:30) or later (like 8-4:30 or 8:30-5). Before this, EVERYONE had 7:30-4. I used to be late when i lived 2 minutes from work, then i moved 20 min away & was NEVER EVER late. But now suddenly for the last 3-4 weeks, i've been late DAILY. 15-20 minutes late. I don't know what my deal is! I admit, i've always had issues with being on time, but they'd gotten so much better! My boss changed her hours to later, so she doesn't even know, but HER boss sees me come in everyday & i keep wondering when i'll get a talking-to. I have refused to request to change my hours b/c i like getting off at 4 so much, but yeah... i will be putting in my request to change it to 8 instead of 7:30. Hopefully that will help.

    ANYWAY - i hear ya! Hopefully we can beat it!!

    (P.S. some ppl believe being late is rude or that it shows we are selfish but i disagree completely... some people NATURALLY have an easier time w/ it, ya know? We have to work at it, but we will get there!)

    Sorry this was so long!

  13. OMG!!! HAHAHA I really think Kathryn and Julie should do a "Guest Post" on your blog E! I couldn't get the sound of my mother's voice coming through Julie's post! They are sooo alike it's scary!

  14. I used to be early or on time for EVERYTHING. Until I got married to the world's latest person, who was raised by the world's latest parents. Now I'm late to everything - even when he's at work & can't possibly be at fault. I think it's completely valid to "blame it" on becoming "one with your husband," "part of his family," etc. ;)

    But if it makes you feel any more hopeful, I don't think I'm any worse with a toddler. No better either, but I don't think having an extra person to dawdle with me through morning routines has made it any worse. =)


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