Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guess what?

You will NEVER believe this...

Columbia Pictures contacted me last week about turning MY blog into a MOVIE!

Trust me, I'm just as shocked as you?!?  I never, in a million years, thought my little blog would gain such worldwide fame and recognition.

And the best part...
They are negotiating with America's Sweetheart JENNIFER GARNER to play ME!  (Not that I'm that surprised, there is a striking resemblance.)

And... my mom and Kathryn?

Who else but Kris & Khloe Kardashian!?!  Of course!

No final release date has been set yet, but filming is scheduled to begin in Spring 2011.  THANK YOU to all my blog fans --- We would NEVER be here without you!  (And, don't worry, I promise not to let all the publicity go to my head... My blog will still be my #1 priority!)

Haha!  APRIL FOOLS!  (I know I had you, this was all SO believable!)

But seriously, they really are turning The Pioneer Woman's blog into a movie starring my fave, Reese Witherspoon!  Read about it here.  :) 

Happy April... And HAPPY SPRING BREAK to those lucky teachers out there!!!


  1. girl, good joke.. BUT get your facts right. the picture you have posted is of KRIS and Khloe...Kris is the mom...NOT kim! ;) Love you.

  2. hahaha... you are funny. I read that about the Pioneer Woman too! so fun. She is coming to DC in May. I may try to meet her :-) Maybe she will be smitten with me that she'll insist on me being casted in her movie.

  3. Umm...I am totally psyched about this. But I wonder if after the movie is out, will all the *real* PW fans (as in, people who loved her BEFORE the movie) be all judgemental of the *new* fans? Like how music snobs are like "oh, I remember back when I saw Such and Such Band at this hole-in-the-wall bar and tickets were like $ they're such sellouts...." You know what I mean? I am already starting to feel that way. I'm a food blogger snob. Yikes.


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