Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Funny Day... NOT a Lie

First of all, I'm TERRIBLE at April Fools.  For at least three consecutive years when I was in elementary school, I called my Poppy from the front office "in tears" saying that I needed to be picked up because I had fallen and broken my arm. All three times he fell for it and was NOT amused when I called back five minutes later to yell "April Fools."  I'm just not that kind of funny - perserverant (is that a word?), but not funny.  So... If you thought my last post was lame, I hope you won't hold it against me.

In other news... I have had a funny day today.  Here are four TRUE stories.

  1. I took one of my classes outside today to discuss the novel we've been reading.  We were out there for approximately THIRTY minutes and, when we came back in, I was BRIGHT RED (sunburned) and, there was a note for me to see the principal.  Apparently, it is a very strict school policy that I MUST leave a note on my door if I leave the building. Oops. (Normally, I would be very concerned about this, but it is the last day before spring break and nothing can spoil my mood!)
  2. Jeff is the assistant coach of the JV Soccer team at my school.  They had a game last night.  This morning, one of my students reported back.  "Your husband is F-I-N-E.  And, you guys look exactly alike --- like brother and sister."  (Hmm... How should I take this?  Does it mean I am F-I-N-E too?  I choose that interpretation.)
  3. While sitting with my students today, I casually took off one of my shoes - adorable loafers, if I do say so myself - and a girl started literally FREAKING OUT about how bad my feet smelled.
  4. EDITED TO ADD: Seriously, the secretary just called my classroom and asked if, and I quote, I "called and left obscene noises on the front office voicemail."  ("Of course, that's totally something I would do.")  There was a missed call from my room that resulted in weird breathy noises.  I guess that's what I get for breaking the strict school policy of leaving my room.
So, in summary, I've had a really successful, really grown-up feeling day.


  1. ahh! I would have put that girl in time out or something hahaha

    Good to hear that nothing can mess with your mood today though!!! :)

  2. haha, those are funny stories...the whole foot smelling thing is def me, lol!

  3. HAHA! Great stories! I love what your student said about you & your husband! LOL!

  4. hahahahaha.... i love that the secretary thought YOU might have left a message with obscene noises. hilarious.

  5. I've been thinking about calling my hubs to tell him that I parked in a no parking zone and my car is being towed, but I too am TERRIBLE at April Fools Day. He would either take me seriously and be really upset after the fact, or see right through it.

    Maybe next year!

  6. what a day! isn't it great how nothing can bring a teacher down right before spring break, though?!
    ps- in reference to a previous post, I wear "squeeze" by lilly pulitzer and LOVE it!

  7. gosh! you are hilarious girl...
    no wonder i consider this to be my favourite blog out...
    and i totally believed your april fools blog for a second and was super excited about seeing the movie too :)

  8. Ha ha ha are definitely FIIIIIIIINE! =)

  9. Love your last two posts! So funny!! = )


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