Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Different Type of Gift

Today, I got a text message from my sister saying that she had bought me a "treat," and I should come by to get it after work.  Kathryn's love language is definitely GIFTS, so all day I fantasized about a new lip gloss, cd, or shirt.

When I got there she said, "I hope this won't offend you."  ...Never a good sign.  Spanx?  A miracle bra?  Whitening strips?

Close.  The Flat Belly Diet Journal.  Add it to the list. She knows me too well. 

The fun part?  She bought herself one too, AND, she'd spent the afternoon writing an encouraging note and taping "motivational" pictures inside of them for us.  (She really has learned something from me!)

I even found this little stinker on the last page... She's so cute.*

Then, we had a super exciting sister-trip to the grocery store to stock up on the necessities for the Four-Day Anti-Bloat.  It also happened to be in the midst of a miniature snow storm so, things were a little hectic.  Kathryn may or may not have gotten in a fight with a few of the cashiers.  We may or may not have been pushing identical carts and checking off items in our journals.  You know how I love things like this...

Here's what I'll be eating for the next 96 hours. 

(Yes, I posed my groceries portrait style.  I'm honestly not sure what that says about me!) And no, contrary to what might appear, this post was NOT sponsored by Kroger brand products. ;)

For now, I think I'll have another slice of pizza and go mix up some ginger-root, organic lemon, and mint "Sassy Water" for tomorrow.  The website says I can "lose up to 7 pounds and 5 inches in just the first three days."  I hardly think that will make me look like "bikini girl," but it's a chance I'm willing to take. 

If your sister can't tell you you need to get a grip, who can?!?  Thank you girl!  26 Days... Here we come... tomorrow.

*Not a word typically associated with Kathryn.  Only sisters get to see these sides of people!


  1. You tell us about how this "diet" goes for you! The 4-day anti bloat sounds intense! Good luck!

  2. oh i love stuff like this! definately keep us posted...im resisting jumping on ebay right this very second to buy the book, i want to wait and see what you think :)

  3. PLEASE let me tell you how difficult it is to add grated ginger root to my sassy water, when I DONT HAVE A GRATER! Ugh. Hope day one is going well for you. Im choking down sunflower seeds as I type. Love you.

  4. you have to let us know how this goes!

    I've thought about this book but it intimidates me! lol

    Good luck girlie!!! xo

  5. If you had not taken pictures, I never would have believed that Kathryn actually did something this sweet* (girl, I say that with love). I'm going to need major updates from both of you on this one!

  6. I MUST agree with Amanda!! Is this my Kathryn? and Kathryn, your stomach is already flat as a pancake!! You two are so dang funny!! I will give you a prize, E... if you do this and stick to it! OH are you going to combat today? Oh wait.... you don't go to the gym anymore???

  7. Wow! What a supportive sister! I can't wait to hear how this works out!

    Hi! I was sent here by recommendation of rinniez, I'm so glad I did! I think your blog is terrific! I'm your newest follower!! Cheers!

  8. looks like the makings of a gluten free girl.
    why is your blog way better than mine?
    bust it up sister

  9. Hey E...you look good (we're almost family Jeff, don't worry, I know you didn't). You don't need these silly diets. I just wanted to let you know that worst case scenario, you just added a member to your yellow book collection. Congrats!


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