Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss Communication

I have a degree in Communications from Clemson University folks.

But, based on a few past communication experiences, you probably wouldn't know it.

Exhibit A: Last weekend, I did some tutoring for my dad's boss' daughter.  His boss called me on Friday evening to see if I could work with her again this weekend, and I saved his number in my cell phone.  After doing so, I also went back through my "Recent Calls" and saved a friend of ours' number to remind him about his blood donation time for the Junior League in the morning.  To make a long story short, I mixed up their numbers.  And, at approximately 7:45AM on a Saturday morning, I called my dad's boss and blurted out "Rise and Shine!!"  Haha!  To make matter's worse, he knew it was me - I know this because he answered the phone by  saying "Hi Liz" - but I panicked when I realized my mistake and just said, "Uh, I think I have the wrong number."  Then I hung up.  I am SO mature.  (Sorry Dad!)

And this unfortunate incident reminded me of an even more hilarious one back this summer...

For the first time in twenty-five years, a minor earthquake hit Roanoke at about 4:30AM.  Jeff and I were, oddly, awake at the time because he was leaving to do an early morning project for our church.  Since earthquakes are not exactly commonplace here, Jeff and I reasoned that either a.) it was a freak of nature quake or b.) there was a major explosion somewhere nearby.  Both were very comforting options.  After Jeff left, I was scared and wide-awake, so I decided to do some research.  The first step... calling the National Weather Service.  I got the number off the internet and the following conversation ensued:

Operator: (very groggy sounding) Hello

Me: (That isn't very professional that they are sleeping on the job.) I know this is strange, but I'd like to report an earthquake at my house.  Have you received any other calls like this?

Operator: (very surprised and excited sounding) WHAT?!?! An earthquake?!?!  HERE?!?  Where?!?!

Me: (Again, this person is totally unprofessional!  Aren't they trained to handle things like this?  Shouldn't she ALREADY know about it?!?) Yes, my whole house shook about thirty minutes ago.  I live at [address deleted because of potential creepers].

Operator:  OH MY GOSH!?!  WHO is this???

Me: This is Elizabeth.  Who is this?

Operator: This is Ruby.

Me: Is this the National Weather Service?

Operator: No.  This is Ruby.

Me: Oh my goodness, I am so sorry... I have the wrong number.

People... I called a poor old lady IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and freaked her out about an earthquake.  What is wrong with me?

Why do they not teach things like this in college?!?!


  1. BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA thought I must say you did an awesome job at portraying both of these events through writing, it is so much better to hear in person! LOVE IT! hahaha

  2. HAHAHA! You make me laugh! Too funny!

  3. ha ha ha! Poor Ruby ~ well hopefully she got a good story out of it too!

  4. You brightened my morning.. those stories are HILARIOUS.

  5. I can't stand it. I am embarrassed (and c.a.n.n.o.t. stop laughing) having just read those stories. The very best part is that you prank called someone named Ruby. You absolutely must name a pet or future daughters' doll Ruby in honor of her. Too funny.

  6. Heehee, that is hilarious -- I laughed out loud.

  7. HA!! That is hilarious! I LOL'd.

  8. Only you Elizabeth! I love it! I laughed out loud which made Kane laugh out loud, and we both laughed for like 10 minutes! Good times!


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