Monday, March 15, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

These people are always putting their Linkys up early. :) Oh well... I can handle it!

Top Two Celebrity Styles:

Piece of cake!

1. Reese Witherspoon.  (My college girlfriends might remember my mantra "WWRW" - What Would Reese Wear?  Let's be honest, I probably still ask myself this at least three times a week... I blame her for my obsession with black and flats.)

2. Katie Holmes.  I loved her as a tomboy on Dawson's Creek, and I love her as a classy NY mommy.  (Let it be said, however, that I do think TomKat is a little wacko!)

Key Elements:
- Skinny Jeans
- Black 
- Big Sunglasses
- Big Purse
- Incredible hair & make-up
- The ability to look amazing whether totally casual or totally glam!

 ... I'm workin' on it.  One step at a time.

Check-out The Undomestic Momma for more celebrity inspirations.  Congrats on surviving yet another Monday!


  1. I love Reese sooooooo much! I used to love Katie Holmes, but now Suri has taken over the world!

  2. Katie is adorable. I miss her old self.! Reese is gorgeous too.! Love them.!

  3. I love reese. she has amazing style!

  4. Great picks! I love Katie Holmes, she is flawless!

  5. Oh I love Reese!!! She always looks so classy!

  6. Following you from Top 2 Tuesday!
    Both were great choices!
    Stop on over:

    P.S Love the header!

  7. love them both! Reese looks so classy!

  8. Good choices but I like Reese better because she is someone who has always stayed true to herself and continues to look and be classy. Katie on the other hand looks good but she changes it up frequently and I'm not sure if it's truly who she is or the highly paid personal dresser now that she's with Tomkat. Be that as it may, I do like some of "her" styles.
    I love anyone who stays true to themselves.
    I can definitely see you as Reese! :)

  9. Great choices. I love Reese, she always looks so put together!

  10. I love Reese and I love that she wears flats!


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