Saturday, March 20, 2010

Off to See Taylor

Well, friends, I got "stuff" done yesterday.

Finished grades at school? Check!
Got my nails done? Check!  (And trust me, this was necessary.)
Cleaned my house? Check!  (Ahhhh.)
Did some laundry? Check!
Traded out (Jeff's) winter clothes?  Check!
Picked up dry cleaning?  Check!
Returned phone calls? Check!
Went grocery shopping? Check!
Had friends over for a cookout and went to hear a great band? Check and check!

Overall, a successful "Get Things Done" done.

*And, I confess, I DID have lunch with my mom and sis; and I DID have to have Jeff complete several things on my list... But, it did get done!

I'm off to see Taylor Swift now.  :) And, I'll probably be wearing jeans.  In the words of my sister, "Those people on your blog obviously have no idea HOW pale you are!"  Ha.

Or, something like this... (Good call Sarah!)

Have a great, sunny, weekend, and... Happy Spring!!!!!!


  1. i hope taylor swift is amazing! im jealous!

    well done getting things done... i may just have to have a get things done day tommorow!

    and also hows the flat belly diet going?


  2. I want to hear about the concert!! I'm starting my 4 day anti-bloat for F.B.Diet tomorrow. Gulp!


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