Friday, March 5, 2010

Shameless Plug

I am competing in a "Rate My Space" competition over at Mann Land 5 with a photo of the master bedroom my parents and I "extreme make-overed" last spring while Jeff was traveling in Oregon with friends.

We had one week, two hundred dollars, and three people (although my dad did all the hard stuff)... My parents are AMAZING and we had a total room re-do by the time Jeff came home.  So fun!!

And, yes, I JUST noticed that the lamps are uneven.  Let's pretend that that is a trend.  Ok?

I mean, no pressure, but I'd LOVE if you voted for my room at Mann Land 5.  It will make me SO happy!  (The voting ends tomorrow night at midnight!)

And, because you're so great... Don't forget to check out my earlier post and enter the GIVEAWAY for handmade, amazing earrings!!


  1. I need a link to the contest so I can vote for you friend!

  2. voted =)
    looks like your set to win...lots of votes going your way!

  3. I voted...and I would have picked yours anyways! LOVE IT!!!

  4. Beautiful!

    Happy Friday Follow!

    Following you from...

  5. your bedroom was an easy pick! A early congratulations to you!

  6. Okay, so I went to go vote for you -- but voting was closed. B-U-T I honestly did like yours the best and I think you might have won. P.S. How did you do create the "C" above the bed. Is it some sort of sticker? Thanks!

  7. Congrats! Just saw that you won! I totally voted for you! You deserve it!


  8. Congratulations on your win!!! Love your blog header of your dog. So cute!!!

  9. You won! Congratulations. Your room is really cute. It must be nice to have parents that are involved in your life and willing to pitch in to make your life happy and fulfilled. I hope you know how lucky You are and you let them know how special and wonderful They are.


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