Friday, March 5, 2010

Awesome Free Earrings? YES Please!!

Ok... I have GREAT NEWS!!

Remember those wonderful little flower and pearl earrings from my post yesterday?  WELL...Mr. Jason from LarqueByjason offered to host a GIVE-AWAY on my blog!!  Yes, a real one!  (As in, Joe, don't enter unless you actually WANT the prize!)

What? FREE and ADORABLE handmade earrings. (Your choice of one pair from LarqueByjason at Etsy.)
When? TODAY, March 5th - NEXT FRIDAY March 12th
Where?  Right HERE at E, Myself, & I
Who? The giveaway is open to ANYONE IN THE US... Of course, only ONE very lucky reader will win! :)
How?  Just go to the Etsy shop here and pick your very favorite earrings --- trust me, it will be hard to pick just one!  THEN, come back and leave a comment on this post telling me which one you like best.  Be sure to leave an e-mail address (if you don't have a blog) so I can get in touch with you!  I will select a winner using next Friday and Mr. Jason will ship to anywhere in the US.

What an excellent way to end the week... Happy Shopping!

Oh, and if you're stopping by from Friday Follow, I'm super glad you're here! Today is an excellent day to visit!!  Join in and come back!!


  1. Vintage Inspired Black Rosebud Earrings: do you love them as much as I do? oh la la!

    Love your blog... so fun!

  2. Pearl Rose Drop Earrings!

    These are so classy and cute!

    Thank you for the fun :)

  3. Visiting from Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower! Love for you to come visit me :)

    Have a great weekend!
    ~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

  4. Happy Friday!

  5. Good Morning! Happy Friday Follow! I am your newest follower. Come visit me :) and have a great weekend!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  6. Friday Follow!!
    Im your newest follower!
    would you follow back?

  7. I love the Rose Drop earrings... I love them...

  8. Vintage Inspired Peach Bud Earrings. They remind me of my grandmother so much!

  9. Pearl Rose Drop Earrings

    You know my email! =)

    How cool that they approached you! GO GIRL!

  10. Freshwater Pearl Rose Earrings
    Looooooooooove these earrings! It WAS hard to decide.

  11. I love the Freshwater Pearl Raindrop Earrings... they are so adorable!

    I really enjoy your blog, I recently came across it when looking for local (ish..) blogs and I find myself coming here almost every morning :-).

    Don't have a blog up just yet, but my email is meg5086618@gmail.c

    Um- those ones just to be specific.

  13. E - you are really reeling in the comments with this one. I can't just sit by and NOT participate. I would go with the Swarovski Crystal Rosebud Earrings... to add a little pop of color and some modest bling to any outfit. love you and hope I win :-) You can bring them to me in Richmond in a couple weeks!

  14. What a fun idea. I love the Pearl Rosebud Earring Set!! They are all beautiful.

  15. I'm partial to the sky blue freshwater pearl rosebuds, but they all look great.
    I didn't realize you had a blog, E. I look forward to following it.


  16. I love the Vintage Inspired Peach Bud Earrings!! So pretty!! Hooray for giveaways!

  17. I love the Raindrop collection!

  18. I really love the Deep Gold Freshwater Pearl Rosebud Earrings!
    They just seem so romantic!
    Congrats on your giveaway!

  19. i love the pearl rosebud earrings! so beautiful!

  20. Pearl Rosebud Earrings - white/black! Love them! Inspired me to revisit Etsy and I just HAD to buy something ( ---- for my little girl for Easter - HOW ADORABLE!)

    Anyways - I've been reading your stuff for a while but I am now an official follower =) I am friends of the Bolinsky's and Andrew Bono.

    Please check out my blog -

    Thanks! Chantry

  21. Pearl Rosedrop Earrings! Super cute!!

  22. Vintage Inspired Black Rosebud Earring...So Classic!

    (PS- I love your blog...Makes me feel like it's still high school listening to you talk.


    these are too cute elizabeth, i saw the ones in your post a few days ago and i literally almost bought a pair haha .. i love that no two roses are the same!

  24. I am loving the pearl rose bud earrings. It is the perfect mix of traditional pearl and trendy flowers. Super cute!
    meredith grace

  25. I love the Pearl Rose Drop Earrings and I think I might just have to go ahead and by them! Thanks for introducing us to Jason's jewlery!

    theblackwoodsblog (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. Stumbled across your blog, and couldn't help but want a free pair of earrings in the process! :)

    I especially love the Freshwater Pearl Rose Earrings. They're simple, yet classy.

  27. I love the Pearl Rosebud Earrings -- they are red with a white pearl on the inside. But I also like the black ones with the white pearl too....either one!!

    Thank you!

  28. I love ear rings and I love your blog;)
    Pick me!

    Michelle Prado

  29. I love these little orange ones with the crystals! (

    So cute and vintage looking. Perfect for spring!
    Thanks for hosting, I hope I win! I never win anything!!

  30. Fall dusty rosebud earrings! I'm a sucker for purple

  31. Girl as soon as you posted the other post about those earrings i went right to his etsy sight and drooled over them! I will probably buy some if i don't win! i like either the white/cream ones with or without the pearl in the middle. what cool designs.
    oh i love you and miss you and think you are wonderful.

  32. Oooh, I like this idea! My favorite is the Pearl Rosebud Earring in black or blue with the white pearl...but they are all cute!

  33. E- look at you! You are the next 'Julie & Julie' with this blog. I love the Swarovski Crystal Rosebud Earrings. I'm feeling lucky.

    -Liz McDonald (yorno)

  34. i love the Swarovski Crystal Rosebud Earrings!

    you were right, e, it was so hard to choose!!

    -carey s

  35. These are soo adorable, you're right!

    I especially like the pearl rosebud earrings :)


  36. I LOVE these. I would absolutely love to win :)

  37. I love the fresh water pear rose earings. so pretty!

  38. I love the pearl rosebud earings, so pretty!

  39. Oh yay! I love the Vintage Inspired Dusty Blue Rosebud Earrings! They're gorgeous! They're all gorgeous, really!

    PICK MEPICK ME!!!!!!

  41. Pearl Rose Drop Earrings



  42. Freshwater pearl rose earrings would make my day. :)


  43. Love the Vintage Inspired Black Rosebud Earrings.

  44. I love love love the pearl rosebud earring in black with the white pearl. Pick me!


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