Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flat Belly Update

So... I don't have a flat belly yet.  Haha!

Actually, my un-flat belly feels VERY angry right now.  I'm not going to lie or sugar-coat this... 4 Day Anti-Bloat is MISERABLE.  Seriously, it is just FOUR DAYS and already I am fighting all my instincts not to go the cafeteria and buy a chicken patty and fries.  (When you start craving high school cafeteria food, you know things have gotten bad.)

Before you start thinking that I'm too "weak" or that I'm going to give up, let me clarify a few things.  First, I'm not.  Second, I'm starving right now.  Like, my hands are shaking starving.  AND, a cup of cucumbers, a stick of low-fat string cheese, and a handful of sunflower seeds is what awaits me when the lunch bell rings. Oh, and did I mention SASSY WATER?!?! Ugg.  (Kathryn, I just couldn't do tuna at work OR face another day of cold rolled deli meat...)

The food on this plan is just... awful.  There is no better way to put it.  Because you are trying to detox your body, you have to get rid of basically ALL sources of flavor (except healthy oils)... So, last night for dinner we choked down plain grilled tilapia, ONE bland (and undercooked) red potato, and plastic-tasting green beans.  Are you getting the picture yet?  I honestly thought Kathryn was going to cry... Or kill someone.  Jeff joined us in this delicious meal, but supplemented it with a Caesar salad and a huge piece of cheesecake - oh to be him! (I keep telling myself one day our roles will switch and he'll be sorry!)

One thing that keeps running through my head is: "If I could just have self-control and stick to 'normal' plans like calorie-counting or Weight Watchers, I wouldn't have to do ridiculously extreme things like this."  I'm beating myself up a little; but, I think that's part of the point of the this first phase -- to start learning where you've gone wrong in the past.  I like rules.  I need them.  When I'm left to make my own decisions entirely about food, I almost always make the wrong one and THEN act surprised when I don't see results.  By Sunday, I will be following a much less intense and debilitating plan. In the meantime, this is intended to help me learn to COMMIT and be willing to make sacrifices and change my habits.  I need that.

Until Sunday, please pray for my husband, my students, and anyone else I might come in contact with.  :)  More updates to come!

Oh, and I thought I'd give you a link to the Flat Belly Diet website, just in case you are interested in learning more about it.


  1. i just ate lunch, the tuna was NOT as delish as jeff described it last night.. please let me note to you loyal readers that at dinner last night, jeff RAVED about how tasty "tuna out of the can" was.. (with NOTHING ELSE!!) He was wrong. Sick. Now im finishing my sassy water.. then counting down the hours until i'm allowed to "indulge" in a yummy (ew..) smoothie. Okay.. theres my update.. stick with it sister. we can do this!

  2. Oh, MAN, this sounds brutal!! Hang in there, Girl! Hopefully it gets better! Hugs!!

  3. I was JUST reading about the flat belly diet and was interested in! Thank you for trying out the diets for me so I can know which ones to do. =) You're awesome.

  4. sounds terrible... keen for my updates. right now i am not sold on this diet at all!
    good luck!

  5. *keen for more updates.



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