Monday, April 19, 2010

Bachelor of the Week 2

Well, ladies, your response last week was positive (although I'm pretty sure "Joe Doe" is still on the market). So, it's time for another...

Please meet... Bachelor #2:
"Uncle Brett"

Tired of playing the dating game?  Ready for someone you can really be yourself around, and who will take your relationship seriously?  This sun-tanned stud might just be your DREAM-COME-TRUE! 

A 26 year-old Roanoke native, "Uncle Brett" is a true family guy with a charismatic personality, and a heart for all things preppy (including girls). Already worn out by the crass "business world," by day he is a children's soccer & swim coach and country-club pool manager, and by night he is studying to be a teacher. In his free time, He puts the MAN in manny as the designated "Uncle" for half of town... Kids LOVE him and (guaranteed) he'll charm his way right to your mom's heart too!!

A former WVU Mountaineer athlete, "Uncle Brett" loves a good run and a good party.  A closet R&B love-song addict, he's learned most of his "skills" from Boyz II Men.  And, he's not ashamed to admit his passion for fashion, or his unique hobby -- grocery shopping late at night when its quiet and spending forever looking for as many deals and manager specials as possible.  While he certainly has a wild side, he'd much rather spend a low key night with someone special than a night on the town...

Ladies, this guy KNOWS what he wants and he is anxious to find her!  He's looking for a natural beauty who enjoys a similar lifestyle.  "I want a girl who is strong enough to be independent when alone, but when I'm around I want her to lean on me for strength and support; must love the Lord and be a Christian, preferably no tattoos (if so, small and not in a very revealing place), great sense of humor, easy going, [and]must love/want CHILDREN." 

Sound like the guy for you?  Don't let this one get away!!!  Comment or e-mail me for his contact info!  (Long distance is NOT a problem!)

*If you know another Mr. Perfect who you think would like to be featured as a Bachelor of the Week, simply email his photo (formal poses preferred, but not required) and a short biography to I'd LOVE to feature him!

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  1. Ohh Bretty, guess you dont love me anymore..having tattoos and all. so trashy of me. Cute little article on you though, good job E. <3 kat

  2. Brett sounds wonderful. Now if he were only closer to my age......sigh.

  3. Okay...I just found your blog this week (luv luv luv) and I think I have the best match for Uncle Brett and it would definitely be long distance. My daughter's second grade teacher in TX is precious, super cute, has no tatts and is looking for Mr. Right. We're a military family and moving to DC next month and I told her she could come to my house and maybe meet Uncle Brett sometime ~ I've passed along your fact, we'll be staying in Roanoke on our way east! Bonnie

  4. E,

    A friend sent me a link to your blog today. Uncle Brett sounds like a delight. Great with kids and a tanned swimmer's body, oh my. The only problem is I couldn't tell if he is only open to female suitors. Let me know.


  5. I know "Uncle Brett" very well and he definitely doesn't play for the "other team"

  6. I'm forwarding your link on to some of my girlfriends...hope you don't mind :) This bachelor of the week is a smashing idea!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. He's very attractive and sounds like an amazing guy. Sadly I'm only 19 and he probably feels like that is too young :(

    my email is (just in case :)

  9. Living in Texas may be an issue but none the less my email is I love that he's doing so much work with kids! I am starting a fitness camp for kids with special needs next week and cant wait! :)

  10. Hi!

    I found your blog from Kelly's Korner. "Uncle Brett" sounds like a really great guy. I posted a bit on myself on my blog, but I'm in the midst of writing an autobiographical paper for my Sociology class so that'll be posted in the next couple of days.

    Head on over to or you can shoot me an email:

  11. I found this post through Kelly's blog! Is "uncle Brett" still single all these months later?


  12. I realize that you posted this over a year ago, so by now some lucky girl is probably already planning their wedding, but if not.... :)

    My friends did a blog post for me on Kelly's is the link:

    My contact information is there if he might be interested!


  13. The fact that he has a Pink Shirt on has totaly sold me!!!!!


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