Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Friends, Good Weather, Good Wine

On Saturday, I officially kicked off Spring Break 2010 (woo woo) at a local winery with good friends.  (That's my friend Kara, above.)

It is easy for me to get pouty wishing for the "next" phase of life or missing the stages that came before...

But today, I'm pausing to unwrap this gift:

A Saturday with nothing to do and nowhere to be --- except sitting in the sunshine with friends, laughing and enjoying delicious cheese-slaw  and sweet summer wine.

I'm pretty sure these days won't last forever.


  1. Really? That is the picture you chose?

  2. that sounds glorious. And the weather has been perfect for it. I love the picture.

  3. That sounds so relaxing! I didn't get much resting done on spring break, so I'm anxiously awaiting Summer!

  4. what a gift to unwrap! Lucky Duck! Way to enjoy the day.

  5. Girl, those moments will definitely not last forever. So enjoy, enjoy and you will be able to enjoy the next phase in God's timing!

  6. Joe! I know I am rocking a great double chin in that pic but don't be so harsh! (hmm maybe we do need some of the group pics up...E? sorority pose?)

  7. Hasn't this weather been absolutely glorious? I'm beside myself and trying to find something fun to do every day to take advantage of it! So glad your Spring Break is this week :)


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