Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mantle Party!

I've got my party dress on.... (Ok, maybe my pjs) because I'm participating in a Mantle Link-Up Party with The Nester today!  Jump on over to check out LOTS of beautiful mantle ideas.

Here is my mantle:

I tried to use some of the The Nester's tips for designing a mantle:
1. Scale
2. Layering
3. Height Variations
4. Texture
5. Color
6. Natural
7. Meaningful
I'm mostly happy with the result, but I think it looks a little crowded.  Today's post on her site has inspired me to play more with the wall behind the mantle, instead of just what's on the ledge.  We'll see. What are your thoughts?


  1. I love all the color! Great mantel! Thanks for sharing- very inspiring :-)

  2. I think it looks great! The pop of yellow is beautiful!

  3. I love your mantle! Too cute!

  4. I think your mantle looks great. I'll definitely have to check out the other linked up mantles...ours could really use some help!

  5. Oh how you just stole my heart, I am a sucker for a blue Mason jar. I love the whole mantel, great job. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

    Cha Cha

  6. your mantle is gorgeous, I love the colors!

  7. I absolutely love it! I think the wall looks great because you can change it up however you like. maybe 2 little china saucers would look cute on either side of the yellow tile to add something ot the wall

  8. Perfect colors for spring...nice work. Come say hi.

  9. What is that you have on the back wall? I love it! The mantle just wouldn't be the same without that. It really sets the mood.

  10. Looks great! Really like the Mason jars on the mantle. I just got some from my grandma. I might have to try mine on the mantle. :)

  11. What a cute mantle....Love the colors that you used...

  12. LOVE IT!
    maybe take out the "C" ... and the lid on the book.... "simple" is what you are trying to embrace, and its just lovely.

  13. Looks lovely (I love that I was there when you discovered the painted tile @ BDS)!!

    If you are looking something to hang - I know somewhere that you can get a set of Cordova Wall Sconces to match your Firescreen! (they would look FAB on either side of your painted tile!) - Remember, you can get this (and more) for free... ;0)
    look on pg62 at item B
    also look at pg 54 item A

    Love you girl,
    - M

  14. So cute!!

  15. Love all the colors! your house is beautiful!

  16. I think it looks fabulous!! The pitcher on top of the cake plate is sooo clever. I wish my mantle was wider so that I could play!

  17. I love the colors you used in your mantle, and how it matches your blog header. :) Very nice! I was looking through your blog and saw your April Fools post, and I was all, "wow, what is this girls story? I can't believe I've never seen her blog, and now she's going to have a movie?" Then, I really giggled when I got to the next post.:)


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