Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuff Christians Like

Have you seen this blog?  Or, the new book? It probably isn't for everyone... But I think it is HILARIOUS!! 

The blogger/author is Jonathan Acuff -- a Christian who believes laughter is a gift from God, and admits that sometimes we do and say some pretty ridiculous things.  You've got to check out Stuff Christians Like.  It makes me laugh (and sheepishly nod sometimes b/c I'm guilt) almost every day.  :)

Here's some of the "stuff" he's talking about...

#750. Thinking the church is not wisely spending your tithe
#53. Saying "I'll pray for you" and then not
#9. Comparing Braveheart to Christianity
#22. Mixing sign-language and music
#116. Using "let me pray about it" as a synonym for "no"
#90. The Tankini
#39. Giving advice on things we've never experienced
#79. Always carrying a journal
#393. Fish bumper stickers
#123. Flags, Handbells, and Puppets
#226. Promise Rings
#192. Using "love on" as a verb
#188. Judging someone’s faith based on their Bible underlining
#3. Reading "love is patient" at your wedding
#376. Falling in love on a mission trip
#154. Breaking up after a retreat
#497. Giving your kid a Biblical name
#483. Feeling guilty for rooting against the Christian guy in the SuperBowl
#430. Pretending to like C.S. Lewis
#243. Going through seasons
#54. Halloween Hating
#81. Disguising gossip as prayer
#34. Subtly finding out if you drink beer too
#338. The last night cry-fest at camp
#291. Saying “I was just flipping channels” when you watch something you shouldn’t
#244. Making God EMo
#237. Tipping with a tract
#238 Wishing you had partied more before becoming a Christian

... Ok, I'll stop myself.  I could go on and on.  This guys just cracks me up! 

Somehow, I don't think this is what Jesus had in mind when he said "You will fully know them [my disciples] by their fruits" (Matthew 7:20).

Honestly, I spent I LOT of my life trying to be this kind-of Christian.  Seriously, I remember picking up my Bible some nights JUST as I heard my parents coming upstairs so they would think I had been reading it before bed.  And, boy, I ROCKED some WWJD bracelets back in the day!  I'm thankful that Jesus has freed me from a lot of that "pressure" and taught me how to laugh at myself... This blog would probably NOT exist if he hadn't.  Still, I sometimes struggle with the balance... What do you think?  Which ones are you guilty of?

**Come back tomorrow for a special version of "Stuff Teachers Like" for Kelly's Korner.  :)


  1. Those are hilarious! I am guilty of quite a few of them!

  2. SCL is one of my favorite blogs. From your list, I think giving advice on things I haven't experienced is probably my biggest issue (although I doubt that's something only Christians deal with).
    I think Jon is hilarious, but I also really enjoy his more serious posts.

  3. bahahahah I love #39! But I do agree, I think EVERYONE likes to give advice about things they haven't experiened, Christian or not. We just like to follow it up with "I mean, pray about it!"

  4. This is pretty much hilarious.I am so guilty of #53. Something I've been trying to work on. I went on a lot of missions trips and retreats, so I found those to be super funny. I didn't fall in love on a missions trip, but my husband was my youth leader. Is that bad? Okay, he's only 2 years older than me, and I was like 10 days away from graduating.

  5. I love a Tankini;)


  6. These are funny! You might also like a book called "the christian culture survival guide. it's definitely not for everyone but if you like that blog you'd probably like it. I guess some Christians would get offended but i thought it was pretty hysterical!

    I'll check this blog out!

  7. I came over here from kelly's korner. I picked up this book last week and have so enjoyed it. It has a great balance of poking fun at us christians but also talks about biblical truths here and there. I love how he talked about the smell of hymnals, I do remember that smell from my church growing up. So glad to check out your blog.


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