Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuff Teachers Like

Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life topic this week is Ideas for Teacher Gifts.  And, as a teacher, I consider it my CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY to contribute...

So, in the style of Christian Lander and Jonathan Acuff, I bring you...

Stuff Teachers' Like
#1. Embroidered and emblazened sweaters and vest for EVERY occassion

#2. Apples (Especially the "this has been in the bottom of my bookbag for six days" variety)

#3. Smiley Face Stickers

#4. Motivational Posters
#5. Red Pens

#6. Rubber stamps with super corny slogans
#7. Rolling crates/suitcases/etc.

#8. Denim Jumpers
#9. "#1 Teacher" Goodies
#10. Cut-out letters and ANYTHING bulletin board worthy

Teachers, what did I forget??

Clarification: The above items are STEREOTYPES and actually NOT desirable for most modern-day teachers.  (Except for maybe #1, I always a feel a little "under dressed" around the holidays.)

If you really want to know...
  1. I get super giddy about gift-certificates (Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
  2. I desperately could use things for my classroom --- mechanical pencils, colored paper, cute post-its, etc.  (My husband swears we don't "break even" on my expenses until about May.)
  3. Plants and flowers are WONDERFUL
  4. And, honestly, the best gift you could give me would be a simple THANK YOU - in email or letter form.  We really get a lot of negatives and very few positives from parents. 

Finally, a friendly reminder... Don't forget the high school teachers!  We love your kids too! :)

*Be sure to read my post on Stuff Christians Like, if you missed it yesterday.  SUCH a funny - and too true - blog! :)


  1. I'm totally addicted to the Stuff Christians Like blog and I think you really could do a blog on Stuff Teachers Like. I LOVE these. In the two years that I taught I definitely saw those things in EXCESS!!
    Secondly, poor high school teachers! Alan occasionally gets gifts, but my mom would buy our high school super nice gift cards and I wish more people did I could partake in said gift cards.

  2. So cute! I would *love* a Stuff Teachers Like blog!


  3. Hehehehe! I like the rabbit patterned jersey! Very cool! I hope I get one once I start teaching! :P

  4. That was awesome! I always feel bad for my middle and high school teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week because most parents do seem to forget about them.

    I also agree with you about the "thank you". It gets so discouraging to hear the negative day after day. Sometimes I will pull out the nice letters that I have saved over the years to remind me that I do make a difference. :)

  5. Cute ideas! Your blog is just presh! Have a great weekend
    Summer ;0)

  6. As a teacher I agree with you on stuff we really do like! I get so excited when I get a gift certificate that means I can go out and shop or enjoy a cup of coffee. I also love something new for the classroom that I don't have to purchase!

  7. I love you first list that is always want I wanted when I taught! LOL

    I am with you always giddy gift-certificates! I also have every single Thank You card I have ever gotten from a sudent or a parent- love them!!

    Happy Friday!

  8. What about pets!! My sister was a grade higher than me, and we both ended up having the same teacher back to back years. So my mom bought 2 salamanders and a fish tank to keep them in for the classroom. My teacher LOVED it! haha! The students did to!

  9. Cute post. The denim dress was the best! And seriously, how precious is that picture of your dog? Or really, just how precious is that dog!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I came over from Kelly's korner and I love your blog!! I will definitely be a follower because I feel like we are twins! I'm also a Jesus lover, teacher, newlywed, dog owner!

    I especially love your awesome attitude about teaching. Most teachers and other blogs are so negative. I've seriously been looking for some teacher blogs and they have all been so negative! But you are just the encouragement I've been praying for!! :)

  12. Do you know where I can buy that rolling teacher cart you have up there?
    (Number 7)

    Any info you could provide would be great.


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