Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are THOSE people....

You know the ones...
Their kids scream on airplanes, throw temper-tantrums and knock things off the shelves in grocery stores, throw food and weave under tables at restaurants; and, all the while, the oblivious parents calmly smile upon their "adorable" offspring and deceitfully believe that the entire world around them MUST find their children just as "cute" and "hilarious" as they do. (Photo credit.)
We are THOSE people, and...
We don't even have kids!

Jeff and are THOSE people with... OUR DOG!

Last night, the 20 & 30 somethings from our church had a fellowship night at a local park.  About twenty-five of us gathered for a friendly game of ultimate frisbee, followed by worship and prayer.  It was the perfect night...  And, being the obsessed parent that I am, I couldn't imagine leaving our Addy out of such an ideal outdoor experience.

So, off we went... dog in tow.

Things started off well, Addy chased her tennis ball and obediently "stayed" when we commanded her.  In my heart, I was (seriously) feeling quite prideful about her excellent behavior and judging MANY of the other dogs in the area. 

THEN, I turned my back and left "dad" in charge.  After all, she was being so good...

And, the next thing I know she is LITERALLY in the MIDDLE of a nearby softball game.  As in, darting to and from bases, licking the batter, resting at home-plate.  The whole game came to a hault as the players and coaches searched for the "irresponsible" dog-parents. 

I, mortified, did the run-of-shame to retrieve her, apologized profusely, and drug her back to our space by her collar.  (Jeff, meanwhile, literally did not care what was happening at all - he was too entrenched in his frisbee game).

Later, I reflected: Addy IS adorable and VERY friendly (what parent doesn't want those two qualities in their kids), but these strangers seemed MUCH LESS impressed and amused by her than me.  In fact, sometimes (like when we are trying to have a serious bible study or discussion at our house OR when guests are eating), even our friends don't seem to be quite as humored by her behavior...

And, I got it.

We are THOSE people.  With a DOG.

This photo is from another "park incident" where I actually had to dress Addy in a t-shirt to prevent her from destroying the car with her muddiness. She, obviously, rules our world.

Oh, we have a long road ahead of us....

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  1. haha. Love it! We are THOSE people too!

  2. E, we are DEFINITELY those people. We brought Nacho (who was not invited, but we assumed everyone else would want him there) to a volleyball/picnic afternoon at someone's house the other day and at first left Nacho in the fenced-in backyard with their dog. Then I asked if we could bring him out for a little bit and "we" (although I still blame jason) got overly confident and let him off the leash to enjoy the festivities. I kid you not, it took him 1.5 seconds off the leash to run straight over to a 6 year old, knock him over and make him cry... LOUDLY. I was mortified.

  3. I am THAT person with my dog too.

  4. mwahahaha! Love ultimate, and love that you love your pup so much! We're taking ours camping for the first time this weekend...lets see if we're some of THOSE people! ;o)

  5. it's even more crazy with kids! We were in the store this week and our 18 month old screamed the entire time. I'm sure people wanted us to make him shut up but seriously, how were we supposed to?! He wanted out of the cart but if you let him down he was running away, getting in peoples ways and then grabbing stuff off the shelf. If we carried him he just screamed and tried to get down. Talk about embarrassment! :(

  6. HAha, this seriously made me laugh out loud! We are the same way with our new little one, we've already done so many things we said we would never do. Precious pups will do that to you. :)

  7. At least you realize it now! There's still hope for your kids someday. ;-)

  8. Lord help us when we have children!! I am one of THOSE people too :)

  9. haha! We are picking up our puppy in 2 weeks and I know I am going to be just like that! I am already "nesting" and buying her everything, and begging my mom to let us bring her to our church-there's only like 50 members- so I don't have to leave her at home her first weekend with us {k maybe that's a bit much??}

  10. What a good laugh! I love the picture of Addy in the t-shirt. :)


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