Monday, May 3, 2010

Bachelor of the Week 3: Southern Edition

Ok ladies, this one's for you Southern gals...

Coming to you straight from the country music capital of the world, meet Bachelor #3:
"Politic - Al"

I mean, before I go any further... Can't you just imagine yourself standing in this beautiful tropical location with this handsome hunk?  Life doesn't get much better than this!

"Politic-Al" is a twenty-four year old Pi Kappa Phi UT alum currently working towards his MBA in Nashville.  In the meantime, he's busy building a respectable life for himself in the suburbs and enjoying "city life" as much as possible.  His tastefully decorated three-bedroom house, adorable dog, and sparkling BMW are just waiting for the right girl to become his Mrs.

A passionate Republican, "Politic-Al" isn't all business.  He spends every Saturday in the fall cheering for his SEC football teams (Go Vols!), and warm weekends sailing his family boat at the lake or listening to Jimmy Buffett on sandy beaches. 

Is music your thing?  Al is a lover of all good music, especially the live variety.  And, he'd be THRILLED to find a permanent partner for late night karaoke duets downtown. 

Raised in Virginia, it didn't take long for this one to become a southern boy through and through.  He can successfully sport a bowtie and cowboy boots, values a good "croakie" and "coozie," can name every country song ever written, and will drive all the way to Memphis for the best barbeque in town. 

Ladies, this one is the real deal!! Comment or e-mail me for more information... :)  Offer won't last long!

*I am currently looking for the NEXT Bachelor of the Week.  Please help me out!  If you know someone who might like to be featured, please e-mail me at right away!  :)


  1. oh my lord.. politic-al is such a goomba.

  2. oh nice choice E! ill happily sing karaoke with him all night long if he ever finds himself in australia :P haha.
    love the fact you've got something for all ages here E... keep them coming!

  3. Oh Southern boys! DC could use a few more of them ;)


  4. Oh my goodness! THIS is hilarious!!

    I need to read back a few to see if this is for real! hahaha

    Where were you when I was single!?! ;)

  5. he looks so familiar! Sign me up!!

  6. Sign me up!!! We have very similar interests, including croakies and coozies! Auburn, AL is not that far from Nashville, and I've already got my Master's. We sound like a match made in blog-heaven. :)

  7. How about a "Northern addition" (with a Southern accent)?

  8. he sounds like a blast!! (huntvsille, al)


  9. He's a cutie! I"m 31, live in Nashville, and work as a Physician Assistant. I love Jesus, live music (love some Jimmy Buffett), and BIG SEC football fan.


  10. I'm from TN!


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