Monday, May 10, 2010

BFL Day 1

Edited to Add: BFL = Body For Life.  I keep calling it the wrong thing! Sorry for the confusion! :)

So, this morning I woke Jeff up at 7AM in a bikini.  It wasn't what you're thinking... In fact, it was quite the opposite.  I wanted him to take "Before" photos of me on Day 1 of the Body for Life Diet.  (If you happen to be a single guy reading my blog, know that I consider it my personal responsibility to disclose the realities of the weird things you will be exposed to through marriage.)  The pics were not pretty.  They will not be posted.  End.of.story. 

The pictures were pretty motivating.  I found BFL to be pretty easy to follow today.  I wasn't necessarily "fulfilled" all day, but I wasn't hungry either.  The foods are good - lots of fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, nuts, etc. etc. - but, it is kind-of time consuming.  It takes a lot of preparation to eat healthy!

After school, I made my excursion back to the gym... This time, I planned to take what I learned last week with the trainer and put it into practice on my own.  (Note to self: 5PM on a Monday is a TERRIBLE time to "learn" how to lift weights.  There are a lot of giants there at that time, and they do NOT love sharing barbells with wimpy girls who carry three-ring binders, and a Starbucks water bottle.)  After several near death experiences involving me and exceptionally large men with weights, I finally gained some confidence in the "Women Only" room.  But, guess who was in there RIGHT beside me?  My old Weight Watcher's Coach, but of course.  I kept rehearsing in my head saying something like: "I'm sorry my sister and I were such a disruption, but you'll be happy to know that I have paid my price... I have gained approximately 10 pounds since leaving your meetings in December."  Needless to say, I kept quiet and gave an awkward wave between reps. 

Overall, I give Day 1 a solid C.  I've received A LOT of great feedback from you girls who are trying the plan too.  (Please comment and let me know how Day 1 went for you if you started today!)  Also, I've gotten several e-mails from people who have already had great success with BFL.  You have no idea how encouraging those words are to me!!!

Day 2, here I come.


  1. day 1 and 2 have been pretty hopeless for me diet wise... with a free bbq lunch yesterday and almost a whole block of chocolate today OOPS! excercise wise i played two finals - basketball and netball so that was alright for a bit of cardio... now just gotta work out when/ how to get in some weight training.

    keep it up E!


  2. I made it to the gym last night but didn't eat as well as I wanted during the day. I DID cook salmon and broccoli for dinner, so I have that for lunch today, too!

    Are you taking CLA? I bought a bottle of 90 from GNC as well as some Myoplex lite RTD shakes and bars.

  3. BFL? Is it Best Life Diet or Body For Life? I should look more into the Best Life Diet. On Sunday I ran a 5k (check out my blog) and it kicked my butt! But it definitely motivated me to keep on working at this and maybe one day I'll be skinny again!

  4. i totally slacked on the workout yesterday. but i did climb 28flights of stairs in my office building. my butt feels it today.

    i also did a little better on eating two fruits and a veggie, but need to incorporate that more.

    i also hate going to the gym at 5. i like to go early in the morning (6am) or late at night (8:30ish.)

    keep it up. just 31 days until our big day as MOH.

  5. I totally agree that 5pm on any workday is a TERRIBLE time to be experimenting/figuring out equipment at the gym!! I can't STAND the uber-buff boys who think they pretty much own the place! Saturdays and Sundays, though, the gym is like my personal playground!!

  6. Way to go girl! Those 5 weeks are going to FLY BY! Before you know it your husband will be begging you to put that bikini back on! lol

  7. Nice work!! I love the women only room! haha I'm trying to loose weight too and have been doing Jillian Michael's workout videos if you ever want something to switch it up! They're super fun/ kick my butt..


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