Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things I'm Loving

My life is stressful right now.  I whined about it last week, so I will spare you the details a second time around.  Either way, after reading a post like this on A Wedding Story, I decided to have a little "retail therapy" this afternoon with some online "shopping."  (I can't really buy any of this stuff, so I'm just passing them on to you in hopes that A.) The companies will contact me and be DYING to give me one of their products or B.) You'll buy them and I can live vicariously through you.)  Either way, hope you enjoy!

1. Shabby Apple's new "Paris" dresses.  Ahhh. Just in time for wedding season!!  (All of these dresses are under $100.00 and they all have little short sleeves - which I am liking because I am not loving my arms right now!) I'll take one of each please.

2.) Hapari Tankinis... Last year, I kid you not, I wore a maternity bathingsuit because I couldn't find a tankini/one piece that looked trendy AND covered my whole tummy. No, I was not pregnant. Yes, I am beginning to understand why my custodian asked me if I was. Regardless, I especially LOVE this one: 
(A Blonde Walks into a Blog is giving away a Hapari gift card this week... go check her out!)

3.) Three Hip Chicks' Silver Skeleton Key.  I love how it is classic and cool at the same time. An awesome graduation gift... Not that I'm graduating from anything... but still... My school year is ending.

We'll stop there for now... What are you coveting these days?!? (For the record, I think online "coveting" isn't quite as bad as real life "coveting.")


  1. Well, I just bought a new house (who-hoo!!) so I am pretty much coveting boring things like a vaccuum, a toaster over, a lawnmower, and, the oh-so-popular, outside trash can. I much prefer what you are coveting. :)

  2. Love those dresses, I need to go check them out too!


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