Thursday, May 6, 2010


Remember my 30 Before 30 list?  Well, I might just be on my way to accomplishing two of those goals:

#24. Take HIP-HOP dance lessons and show them off at a club and
#28. Wear a bikini and not be self-conscious

How? You ask.
The answer: ZUMBA

It's all the rage right now!  Have you heard of it?

Ok, ok, it isn't exactly hip hop, and I've got a LONG way to go to #28, but, I'm sensing good things from this...  I took my first class tonight, and, I LOVED it!!  I can't remember the last time I said that about a WORK OUT.  This is MAJOR folks.  It was sooo fun AND I worked my tail off - literally.

According to my instructor's website... "Zumba® is a dance-inspired fitness program that fuses the Latin steps of merengue, samba and salsa with the urban moves of reggaeton and hip hop. The result: a one-hour class that seamlessly blends dance-party with a heart rate-raising workout."

It totally felt like a dance party.  Only, I wasn't the only one sweating like an absolute pig!!!

One of the best parts of Zumba is... It's all about the booty!! (And trust me, I have one... Need I remind you about the time one of my students announced to the whole class that I have a "ghetto boo-tay"?)  Tonight, the instructor even wore a pack on her butt to make it look bigger while she grooved.  (I think it was really a microphone set, but either way, she made a fanny pack look hot!)  Honestly though, I actually felt pretty comfortable shakin' my thing in there... I should have been born Latin.

Here's a little video in case you think I just had a few too many margaritas for Cinco de Mayo...

You can also learn more at both of the links above.

Have you tried Zumba before?  I'm dying to hear some success stories.  How did it affect your body and your energy level?  Could this be that "exercise you enjoy" that people keep telling me exists?


  1. I've done Zumba a few times and it is really fun. I have absolutely zero cordination and am possibly the worst dancer ever so it is really hard for me. I have tons of booty but it doesnt seem to shake it the direction I need it too.

  2. Im dying to try this!
    thanks for reminding me to get my butt into and gear and find out if there are classes near me :)

  3. I am the worst dancer you will ever see and i tried zumba at a resort and loved it! I mean what can be better than a workout that is based around a motto of "ditch the workout, join the party" I bought the dvd set online and am loving it too!

  4. I'm joining Golds when I get home (May 12th) let's go to it together. Looks so fun!


  5. They offer Zumba classes at my local Bally Fitness. I haven't heard much about it before now, and I think I might try it!


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