Saturday, May 8, 2010

Body For Life

I am hesitant to even write this post because I have let you (and, ultimately, myself) down SO many times before... But, I find so much more encouragement and accountability when I put things out there for all to see.  Plus, I'm sure I'm not alone in this, and I'd love some "partners" to join me in this journey...
I am VERY unhappy with my appearance and, honestly, just my lifestyle in general.  I am 26 and should be in my prime in terms of healthy eating and exercising --- if nothing else, so that I'll be prepared to carry a life one day (hopefully sooner rather than later), but really for my own self-confidence, energy-level, etc. etc. etc.  Since getting married and starting a job almost three years ago, I have gained OVER 30 POUNDS.  It is time to put a stop to this!!  I deserve better!

In FIVE weeks, I am going to be the maid of honor (we don't use "matron," it sounds old and fat) in my best friend's wedding AND, the very next morning, I leave for the beach for a week with my family.  My "short term" motivation:
June 12th
June 13th
(Both from

There is NO better time to start than NOW.

So, here goes...  (Round 1463372)
This week, ironically on the same day my custodian asked if I was pregnant, I met with a personal trainer.  Since I could only afford to meet with her twice, she wrote up a custom strength training plan for me to use in the next five weeks.  She also STRONGLY recommended the Body for Life eating and fitness plan.  I went to the website this morning and was happy to find that their plan is "simple," healthy, and... get this, totally free!

 The premise of the plan is:
  • Eat SIX small meals each day - each one consisting of a healthy protein AND a healthy carb
  • Drink TEN glasses of water a day (at least)
  • Do intense cardio (25 - 30 min.) three days a week
  • Do weight training (upper & lower body) three days a week
  • Oh, and take one OFF DAY a week (Eating too)!  They are really big supporters of this! It helps fight off frustration and cravings, AND revs your metabolism.  Excellent!
Anyways, I am starting MONDAY for FIVE WEEKS.  (After the wedding and beach, we'll go from there.  I'm hoping to teach my body how to LIKE being healthy.) 

If you have no faith in me - I understand, really.  BUT, I can use all the support I can get!!  I'll be posting throughout the next five weeks about my progress.  (I'm taking a "before" picture too... maybe one day I'll even be brave enough to show it!)

Also, I would LOVE to have a partner (or ten)!  Anyone interested?  If so, leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you my specific plan and log.   Definitely go check out the Body for Life website and download their free 17 page "Entry Kit," it gives all the details there.

Happy Saturday!  I'm going to go stock up on high protein foods! :)


  1. Do you have to go to a gym? I have gained about 20 pounds since Thanksgiving (I stress eat...I am not proud of that.) and I am desperate to lose it.

  2. I've done Body for Life back in college. I think you will like it! I'm praying for you to loose the weight. It can be sooo hard. I'm losing by cutting out the booze. -Jen L.

  3. You go girl! I'd love to do something similar. I am in a beach wedding on Friday June 18th and could certain stand to lose some weight and tone up a bit before beach season. If you're willing, please share your plan with me!

  4. Definately interested in joining you on this one!

    good luck :)

  5. i'm in too!

    i'm a maid of honor on june 12 as well. and leave for the beach a week later.

    i'm not trying to lose weight, just get tone because i feel a little 'flabby.'

  6. I'm a maid of honor on June 4th, I'd love to loser 40 pounds by then, hmmm.... not sure it's possible! lol I did Body For Life about 3 years ago and lost 35 pounds in 12 weeks. It was a great program and once I got into it was really easy to stick with it. Problem was it's very time consuming, we lived in the gym. Good luck to you! Keep us posted!

  7. I'm in the same boat as you...27 and the biggest I've ever been. I just rejoined at my gym but am having a hard time motivating myself to go consistently...I am always finding other things to do! My email is if you don't mind sharing your program :)

  8. Oh, happy weight, why do you taunt us so? I so know how you feel! I gained 10 lbs after my wedding and then I got pregnant! I really wish I had lost more weight before getting pregnant b/c I already had weight to lose and then you add 30 lbs of baby weight. But the good news is, you will lose it and you will feel great! I'd join you for BFL but I am working the Weight Watchers program right now and it's working for me, but the BFL sounds good and I wish you luck! Also try to set mini-goals. Like by Memorial Day have lost 10 lbs or whatever, and then reward yourself! After 15 lbs I bought myself a massage. Once I hit 32 lbs (goal by my 32nd birthday in June) I'm going to buy myself a housekeeper for a day to do my spring cleaning! Good luck!

  9. Count me in...I knew I was in a bad place when my boss tried to make me feel better about by size by saying, "it's your fat and happy time, everyone goes through it after marriage!" Umm, I'm pretty sure I like the idea of being happy, but not fat!!!

  10. Good luck girlie! You can do it...just keep thinking of your end goal :)

  11. I swear, we would be friends in real life!! I have about 65 more pounds to lose. I lost 35 pounds last year; then gained 15 back when I started a new job. Since Jan. 1, I've lost 10 of those pounds, so now I still have those extra 5 plus 60 more pounds to lose. I've had success with Weight Watchers but really don't have time to do all the measuring anymore. If you don't mind sharing your plan with me (, I'd love to join you on your weight loss journey. :) Good luck! I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

  12. I'm SO DOWN!! i have to be a bridesmaid June 5th!! And the dress is going to look horrible on me because of my body.

    So, your not going to be the only one, i'm here with ya sister!!

  13. forgot my email address.

  14. hey friend! I definitely think you can do it. The plan sounds pretty doable. You already look great to me! Side note, those are the exact same dresses we wore in Dana's wedding in Feb... just in a different color obviously. They were awesome b/c they really looked great on EVERYBODY... tons of different shapes and sizes in the this wedding. So I already know you will LOOK great. Hopefully you will feel great too :-)

  15. i have 2 blogs & one is a weightloss blog if you wanna check it out. I'm kinda frustrated right now. but i'm not giving up!

    maybe i will give "body for life" a read, too!

    You can do it!

    LOVE that bridesmaid's dress!


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