Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Am My Mother's Daughter

The older I get, the more Mother's Day means to me... Just growing up and trying to balance my own job, marriage, home, etc. etc. makes me appreciate my mom MORE and MORE every day - and, I don't even have kids yet!  So, this one's for you girl!!!

Don't I have the best genes EVER? (Haha.  This is in the bathroom - hence the "Ladies' Toilet" in the background at our wedding reception right before I left for my honeymoon.  I'm sure my mom had some very "motherly" advice for me!)

Thank you for loving me SO well and teaching me SO many things!!!  Thank you for working so hard so that Kathryn and I could have and do all the things we wanted to do growing up.  Thank you for not making me do chores when I was little, but always keeping the house spotless so that I have an appreciation for that as an adult.  Thank you for being so FUN, and for letting our house be "the house" in high school and beyond. Thanks for always making my friends feel like family, and for truly meaning it when you said I could "tell you anything." Thank you for letting me go far away to school, even though it broke your heart, so that I could do some "growing up," but never feeling too distant.  Thank you for becoming a Clemson football fan, even though you really didn't care for Clemson or football before then.  Thank you for inspiring me to be a teacher and sharing that joy (and drama) with me every day. Thank you for giving me a sense of decorating style, and always re-decorating yourself so that I can furnish my house.  Thank you for understanding PMS, knowing when to tell me the truth about my outfits and when to keep quiet, and proving that beauty DOES, in fact, come with age.

Mom, people tell me ALL the time how alike we are; and, I promise, I could not be more honored!  You are the first person I call when something good - or bad - goes on in my life.  You are who I picture when I imagine myself raising kids one day.  And, you are - after 26 years - still my first friend and my best friend!  I love you! 

Tonight at our Mother's Day dinner.  We'd look a lot more alike if I'd wear some lipstick!  My mom wouldn't be caught dead without it.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. that's such a nice post! Glad you can have such a fabulous relationship with your mom!

  2. thats so sweet.
    your mother sounds like a wonderful women :)

  3. So sweet! Your mom is gorgeous! I love your "I just got married!!" look. :)
    P.S. I registered for that Body for Life gig, but I feel like I already quit. I need to read through it all, and maybe I'll feel motivated again. Good luck to you!

  4. That was one of the sweetest things I've read...a lot of it totally captures how I feel about my own Mom.

  5. Your comments are so very sweet and well put! You made me cry :)
    I know your momma is a proud one! You are a wonderful example of the great mother she's been!


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