Monday, May 31, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - The Bachelorette

Today at The Undomestic Momma, the topic for Top 2 Tuesdays is The Bachelorette. You know I not-so-secretly LOVE this ridiculous show...  So, I'm happy to join in!

My top two picks... for a single friend (of course):

1.) Frank.  I liked him from the start, even if he does live with his parents at 31.  I think its the glasses.  (Sometimes I secretly pray for Jeff to lose his vision early... I guess the secret is out now!) Anyhow, he seems fun!

Honestly, no one else is really jumping out at me yet.  (This could make for a let down of a season.) So...

2.) I'm going to go with Kirk (minus the v-neck in the photo below... even though we haven't seen much of him yet.  I just think he's cute!  We'll see...

P.S. Does anyone else think Ali looks just a little too much like Vienna now?!?! What is so wrong with dark hair? Honestly.

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  1. I LOVE your blog! It's too cute! I'm a huge bachelorette fan! I'm really starting to like Frank too!

    You have yourself a new follower! :)

  2. I watch the show too, I was thinking Ali's hair sorta looked like crap! (Especially the 1st episode). It just seems way too long and stringy in my opinion!!

  3. I need to watch's on my DVR!!!

  4. I too love Frank.. & you are right he does need to move out of his parents because that is a bit of a turn off but either way I still really like him :-)

  5. this show is so addicting! Frank and Ali's date was so sweet. they seemed to be a good match. and i agree, kirk's cute!


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