Saturday, May 29, 2010

One Month from Today...

One month from today, we are leaving for a BIG ADVENTURE.

Jeff and I are checking one off my 30 Before 30 List and driving across country!!!  (I'm calling it "ChapMANIFEST DESTINY," cute huh?)

We've alotted a little over three weeks to see as much of the great US as we can... Starting in Virginia (of course), then taking the northern route up through Yellowstone and Glacier National Park in Montana... Traveling along the Canadian border to Vancouver, then cutting down to Seattle and Portland, and rounding out the trip with stops in Boise, Salt Lake City (our engagement spot), and Denver to visit friends... I genuinely am SO excited!

(I had to delete the map b/c it was slowing down my whole blog. If you want to see the specifics of our route... Click here.)

We'll be camping and "roughing it" most of the time; and, although this isn't technically "my style," I'm super thankful that it IS Jeff's, so I can experience something I probably never would have considered...

But, I'm also quite nervous.  A lot needs to be done in the next 30 days --- inbetween the end of school, a family beach trip, two weddings, and a bachelorette party.

Case in point: Jeff left this morning for a three day camping and canoeing trip with the guys for Davey's (Amanda's soon-to-be-groom) bachelor party.  *Seriously, we've been bachelorizing it SO much lately that we might stop being married soon.  Can that happen?** ...And, let's just say that if you tried to convince me that a tornado ripped through town and dropped Gander Mountain's camping aisle in my living room... I'd believe it.  Easily.  I thought camping was supposed to be au naturale, about getting back to the basics... simplicity.  I have never seen something look so UN-relaxing in all my life.  In fact, I am stressed just talking about it!

Tonight, Jeff is "testing out" this new hammock he has purchased for our trip that, according to him, "wraps you up like you are in a cocoon and feels awesome."  Hmm... And, he'll be eating a lot of tuna in a bag and beef jerky.  (Can I just say, THANK GOODNESS for Addy's prize money!)  I'm definitely in for a wild ride!  (Literally.)

So... here's where YOU come in:

Have any of you made this trip before and have any suggestions?  (We need all the help we can get!)

What do we DEFINITELY need to see or do?

What are your thoughts on us taking Addy?  We'd originally thought no, but now we are debating.  We will miss her SO much, and she'd be a blast at all the national parks etc.

I've got a lot of planning to do... Can you help a girl out?!?!


  1. What a fun trip! My family drove across the country last summer and had a blast. You MUST see mount rushmore, it is absolutely amazing, custer national park is near rushmore and is so cool to see. As far as bringing a dog i would say no... In yellowstone its amazing but it is not walkable. You drive from one place to another but its not exactly like there are lot of paths to walk on. I live in Seattle and it is a great city to explore! have fun on the trip!

  2. check out the website lots of fun/random things to see along the way!

  3. Oo oo oo! I have a must-see for you two! Arches National Park! It's in Moab, Utah (so that would be taking a southern route from Salt Lake City to Denver instead of a northern route)... look into it! My family spent four weeks out west when I was in elementary school and Arches was everyone's favorite!

    On a side note, I totally agree about the bachelor camping trip being unnatural and stressful... how did my bachelorette party last a little over 24 hours and Davey's bachelor party is lasting over 48 hours, not including the 24 plus hours Davey spent buying and packing gear?! Those boys are nuts. Hope they all make it-- I told Davey that if he doesn't make it back, I might have to marry whoever comes home alive (unless it's one of my brothers).

  4. Ooooo I have a must-see for you and Jeff! Arches National Park in Moab, Utah... so it would mean taking a southern route from Salt Lake City to Denver instead of a northern route, but you should definitely look into it! When my family spent four weeks out west two summers in elementary school, Arches was everyone's favorite!

    On a side note, I totally agree that this bachelor party is decidedly unnatural and stressful... I think Davey has spent as much time planning and prepping for this two-night canoe trip as I have for our wedding. Those boys are crazy. I told Davey that if he doesn't make it back, I might have to marry whoever comes home alive (unless it's one of my brothers)-- can't let all of this wedding planning go to waste!

  5. You are really doing this?? I am impressed and very jealous. I read Travels with Charley a few weeks ago, and it made my wanderlust flare up a little. But major kudos to you for planning your own real adventure (with a clever name even)!

  6. when will you be in yellowstone? my husband and I are taking an anniversary trip in july to the tetons and yellowstone. we're doing something similar - flying in to utah, getting a jeep for the week and camping wherever our hearts take us! so fun! :) i can't wait to compare trips & stories!

  7. During a cross country road trip, my buddies and I rode through an entire state with no pants on. It got really weird when the officer pulled us over. We would have put our pants back on, but rules are rules.

  8. Dang, you've got a busy month head of you! Take it all in stride, girl. A couple recommendations?

    Voodoo Doughnuts, and Oasis Pizza in Portland, and maybe take hwy 101 from WA to OR rather than I5 because the scenery is so much better and you'll get a better idea of what the PNW is all about!

  9. Definitely great and remarkable trip. My friends and I drove to Montana last year and it was awesome. Yellowstone is full of surprises. I am looking forward to another road trip with my friends this year.


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