Monday, June 7, 2010

Being a teacher in June...

Definitely has its advantages...
For starters, you only actually "are" a teacher for about ten days in June.  In addition, many of those days involve sweet notes from students and parents (when you are lucky,) PTA luncheons, class outside, early dismissals, and classroom clean-outs (yes - I'm weird and like to clean).

BUT, June also brings a strange wildness to the air.  Last week, for example, one of my lovelies got in a fight in the cafeteria, punched a girl, elbowed the resource officer who was containing him, sped from the school, and was "tackled" on the football field by the school track coach.

Today, I got this email from my mom about her fourth grade class:
My classroom is wild, we are getting ready for our play, presenting projects, and ******* stole ******'s banana and ATE IT!! ****** cried, and ******* is in the office!!!

Not that much changes between fourth grade and high school really...


  1. haha...i'm laughing out loud. my mom is a teacher and i subbed k-12 before i found a full-time job, so i know EXACTLY what you're talking about!

    the track coach tackle story was the winner until i read about the crying banana! happy end of school year.

  2. Ha hahahaha, i am laughing at my own classroom!!! oh lordy have mercy on all teachers at this time of year!!
    I am on my way to combat to punch out my frustrations!!!

  3. so true!
    my funnies include: parents who have already packed away their children's backpacks (we go for two more weeks!), kids who ask "If I'm a REALLY good reader, can I skip first and go to second grade?" & kindergartners who think that we will all travel to first grade together as one happy family. :)
    PS- I'm about to finish up Girl With A Pearl Earring by Chevalier and it's a great, easy read!


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