Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chap-Manifest Destiny 2010

Manifest Destinynoun
A popular slogan of the 1840s. It was used by people who believed that the United States was destined to expand across North America to the Pacific Ocean. The idea of manifest destiny was used to justify the acquisition of Oregon and large parts of the Southwest, including California.

Have you always wanted to drive across the country?
Well, beginning today, I AM!!!

And, if all goes as planned, you will feel like you are right there with me because Jeff & I are being super outdoorsy and bringing along our laptop and an internet air-card so that we can post pictures and update you on our adventures all along the way. (Don't worry, I've also been busy preparing "Guest Posts" and other fun things in case you get tired of hearing about our travels.)

So, here's the (very basic) route.  Just a mere 6,000 plus miles we plan to cover in the next 21 days.

Our first stop: Western Springs, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) to stay with my aunt and uncle and enjoy a quick visit with cousins, etc. This is about a 13.5 hour drive (we left home at 5AM)... So, we are starting strong!  From there, we have a ten hour drive to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where we will grocery shop and stock up for five nights of camping in Badlands National Park and Yellowstone! Stay tuned!

Last night we said our goodbyes at a little cook-out at my parent's house.  My parents & sister, Jeff's parents, and Amanda & Davey all came over to send us off!  It was so fun and, as usual, we felt totally loved.  I know we will see some incredible places in the next three weeks... But, home - I'm sure - will be pretty tough to beat! 

See you soon Roanoke!


  1. You're passing through my fabulous state of Indiana!

  2. You two are going to have the best time and The West will never be the same :) I hope Davida is swaying to the rhythm of the road as I type this!

  3. I miss you already!! Have a wonderful day, and Happy Anniversary!!!Addy is chewing on her light bulb as i check e-mails and stuff this morning!!! she is great!! Lilly on the other hand - HATES her!!! :)

  4. Hope you have a great trip! Can't wait to see pics.


  5. That is a hefty road trip, enjoy! =)

  6. That is going to be so much fun! Enjoy your trip!! :)

  7. Your red squiggly looks like you're going to Canada! I love Canada :-)


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