Monday, June 28, 2010

Tzu and Diana 6.26.10

I warned you we had a lot of weddings to attend this summer! :) 

This past weekend we travelled to Wilson, North Carolina (just outside of Raleigh) to celebrate with our good friends Tzu and Diana as they tied the knot! :) Tzu and Jeff were roommates at Virginia Tech, and we fell in love with Diana when we first met her two years ago on the 4th of July.  They are an adorable couple, and their faith and story is an inspiration.  Not to mention, their wedding was beautiful and they both looked SO happy!

Enjoy a few pictures!

Mr. and Mrs.

I'm sure the photographer didn't mind AT ALL that I joined in!

My groom. :)

The married men... showing off their bling! :)  (Jeff & I have a theory that you can always spot honey-mooners because the bride has a french manicure and the groom can't stop playing with his ring!  It's been three years for us and Jeff still drops his at least daily!)

Congratulations Tzu & Diana!


  1. My husband taught himself magic tricks with his ring. What a goober!

  2. i'm a first time visitor...i love love love your blog design! your header is presh :)
    that is too funny with the rings! the pictures are awesome.

  3. GREAT pictures! Looks like they had a fantastic photographer!


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