Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Me Monday - Wedding Edition

It's been a while since I've played along with MckMama's Not Me Monday, but... I'm back!!

First, let me say, the wedding was absolutely incredible!!   Everything about it could not have been more perfectly Amanda and Davey.  Truly, it was magical - rain and all!!  (I plan to post more pictures & my 'Maid of Honor' toast later this afternoon... So, stay tuned.)

That said, I couldn't resist the opportunity to poke some fun at my wedding faux pas...

To begin with (because you'll need to know this when you see all the pictures that follow), I did not get TWO spray tans in preparation for the wedding because the first one completely missed my back.  (Only I could do that.) This was an excellent idea, and I did not look orangey at all.  I also was not peeling from a burn two weeks ago thus causing me to have two-toned skin on my entire chest.  It did not look at all like I had a flesh-eating disease. I actually planned to look this way because I think tie-dyed skin is totally HOTT.

It did not start POURING down rain approximately one minute after "start time."  This was especially heart-breaking because both the bride and groom are TOTAL nature HATERS.  I mean, they didn't even give away trees as favors. 
* I was not (secretly) a little excited that I got to carry my cute umbrella down the aisle.  (Is that bad?)

The rain TOTALLY ruined EVERYTHING.  Amanda didn't even look happy or beautiful! ;)

Since I was the maid of honor, and it was my duty to make sure the bride's dress looked perfect at all times, I definitely did NOT accidentally stand all over the train of her gown during most of the ceremony.  Never. (My sister - who stood behind us - did not cover her eyes during most of the ceremony because she couldn't stand to watch the massacre occurring in front of her.)

I did not make it my personal responsibility to dance the night away.  And, in doing so, I did not sweat so much that by the end of the night I looked like someone had turned a sprinkler on me.  However, if I had, I would have felt super attractive and "dewy." 

 Clearly, I am very vain and only post the BEST pictures of myself on my blog!

And, of course, I did not have an absolutely wonderful time!!  

Congratulations Amanda and Davey!!!  
You were NOT the happiest I've ever seen either of you!!!


  1. cute post! Love all the pics! You sure look like you had lots of fun, and I'm sure the rain wasn't appreciated but I imagine that it will help to make sure no one forgets that wedding!

  2. LOVE this post. Love that your friends have this as another way for them to remember their big event (wonder if you could "publish" it somehow using blurbbook/something like it - and include your speech, etc..).
    PS Cute dresses -- think Linds/I wore the same one in purple for dana's wedding.

  3. What a great memory! It looks like the rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits!

    I'm your newest follower.

    You can check out my blog here.

    Happy Monday!

    aka The Nerd's Wife

  4. First of all - you look AWESOME. That dress looks so great on you. You and Jeff look so so fun. The wedding looks amazing. and I LOVE that you stood on her dress the whole time. bahahahaha.

  5. PS... just saw brooke's post. Yes, we definitely wore the same dress in purple for dana's wedding AND rutter wore the same dress in pink for claire's wedding. It must be the dress of the season :-) It's super cute and flattering on everyone.


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