Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding Photos & Toast

This will be the last you hear about the wedding (although I could talk about it for weeks), but I HAD to share some of these photos.   Everything was just beautiful and so creative!  Enjoy!

And, because I really think it is the best way to sum up all my feelings about the new couple... My toast: (This was a lot funnier live... at least that's what I'm telling myself!)

The first time I met Benjy, he told me I talked too much… Well, Benjy, watch out!  Look who has the microphone!!!

First, a huge thank you to everyone that has made this entire weekend so fun: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, Sheila, Don, and of course the brand new -- Mr. and Mrs. BarnArthur.  (What? Did you decide NOT to go with that name?) 

Amanda and Davey, you guys look SO happy today!!!  And, you definitely know how to throw a party!! I’ve had such a blast meeting your extended families and reminiscing with old friends.  You know, this is kind-of like the high school reunion we will never get to have because not enough of you voted for me for Senior Class President!!  (Oh, right, not the time…)

Anyways, Amanda, I also want to thank you especially for finally solving a major point of contention in my own marriage:  You see, for years now Jeff and I have been arguing over how to introduce you to a group.  I say, “Amanda is my best friend,” and Jeff says “Amanda is my cousin.”  Well, according to the etiquette books, the Maid of Honor is “like a sister,” and… since you asked me to be your maid of honor and not Jeff – I believe this debate is settled.

Seriously, THANK YOU for allowing me to stand beside you on such an important day.  You have no idea what an honor it is for me!

Amanda and I became friends in sixth grade English class because we bonded over the book Friedrich and the teacher let us sit under our desks together and read.  (Luckily, you out grew this extremely nerdy stage, while I went on to become an English teacher and still have to fight the urge to read under my desk… Either way, I brought you a copy of Friedrich as a little wedding gift --- you know, just in case you need some light reading on your honeymoon.

Speaking of quality literature, I have in my hand your 1999 Hidden Valley Junior High Yearbook…  In which, Peggy and I each had a special page reserved at the back for writing mini-novels.  (Thanks Ricky for digging this up for me… We’ll be sure to pass this around later!)  Anyway, I wrote:

Gosh, where do I start? It’s been another awesome year with you.  We have had so much fun and so many memories… Our night watching The Exorcist and screaming our heads off, sneaking out to jump on the trampoline in the middle of the night, swing dancing, tennis games, DC, and I’ll never forget our MANY late night talks.  Your friendship means everything to me.  When we first met in sixth grade, I never imagined we’d end up like this.  In the past two years I have learned so much from you.  You and your parents are like a second family to me.  You have been there for me through so much… We have so much ahead of us in the next years and I know it’s gonna be “The time of our lives!”  I thank God every day for giving me you and Peg.  I don’t know what I did to deserve such wonderful friends… But, I love you! Terrific Trio Forever!  Best Friends Forever!  Love always, Elizabeth

Fast forward eleven years and I could pretty much make this my whole toast…

Amanda, we have seen each other through middle school and high school, and college eight hours apart.  We’ve lived in foreign countries and traveled around Europe together.  And, we’ve navigated the awkward waters of grown-up life after graduation side by side.  I’ve seen you through a lot, and I’ve never seen you happier.  I am SO excited now to go on this journey of marriage and families with my very best friend.

Davey, welcome to the family!  (I’m allowed to say that because I’m part sister and part cousin!)  Jeff and I have a picture from our wedding day three years ago of you dancing and just staring at Amanda.  When the photos came back, you told us that was because you were falling love… I still LOVE the way you look at Amanda!  You guys are the perfect pair, and I can say with 100% confidence that she has found her soul-mate.  I'm ok with being Amanda's 2nd Best Friend.

So, please raise your glasses with me to toast Amanda and Davey: May you have many wonderful years of adventure, laughter, and happiness! I love you! 


  1. Great speech! Love the photos - that was a beautiful wedding!

  2. the wedding looks PERFECT - rain and all. I think the rain made it that much more fun and memorable. Amanda looks so so beautiful and happy! And that picture of the bouquet is GORGEOUS. Good job on the toast :-)

  3. hey just found your blog thru a series of other blogs; very cute!!!. =] I like being nosey. Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous!!! =] I will never get tired of looking at my wedding pics (altho it was only a little over a year ago). =] Have a good week!


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