Monday, June 14, 2010

Beach Trip: Day 1

Well, I'm officially "O-V" (that's the term my dad coined for 'On Vacation'). 

On Sunday, at approximately 8AM, my parents, grandparents, uncle, sister & I loaded up the mini-van and Poppy's Taurus for the seven hour drive to Pawleys Island, South Carolina.  The drive went rather well - especially considering that Poppy and Kathryn had been fighting about what car I would ride in for three days prior.  (I ended up riding with Kathryn because, ultimately, I'm going to do have to deal with her wrath longer.)

Upon our arrival, Poppy & Granny promptly claimed the master bedroom - i.e. the only room with a king bed - while the rest of us crowd into the three remaining double beds.  (Jeff is at home working for the week,so Kathryn is my cuddle-mate!  We figured out today that this is the first trip we've taken with no boyfriends/husbands in eight years.)

Poppy & Granny have announced that they plan to spend the week watching television in the air conditioning because it is just too hot out for them.  So far, they've accomplished this goal. Currently, Poppy is watching belly-dancing with the volume up entirely TOO loud.   Later, he will sit on the side of the porch with a nice view of construction and watch the builders.  Of course, because we would want to look at the ocean?!?

Apparently, everyone is very worried about me because I "don't handle the sun well."  Um... have then seen my spray tan?!? I am a greek goddess!  Too bad I don't have my dad's condition:" Michael won't burn.  He has way too much hair on his chest." -Poppy.

Kathryn and Poppy have carried their fighting into the trip.  (This absolutely cracks me up because it isn't every day you see a 24 year old and a 92 year old arguing.)  Poppy won't really do anything with Kathryn - including sitting next to her at dinner.  BUT, he did ask her to go on a helicopter ride with him over the island later this week.  Kathryn is slightly nervous about his intentions regarding this request.

Finally, there is a man on the beach sporting a very small speedo bathing suit.  This wouldn't be quite so awkward if he wasn't my uncle.  He actually wore a regular suit down to the beach, then, stripped down and left his trunks just sitting next to my dad on the sand.  I can only imagine how this appeared!

The plan for tonight? My famous enchiladas and a nice family game of Smart Ass.  (Of course!) 

As you can see, we is no shortage of fun and hilariousness! I'm sure I'll have plenty more to update later! 


  1. Oh, that all sounds just delightful!! I'm so jealous! Hope you have a GREAT time with your family! Enjoy!!

  2. Hello dear Maid of Honor (how much longer can I get away with calling you that?) Just had to tell you that Davey and I are sitting in the airport in Athens, Greece reading your blog-- that's how hooked we are :) And it only has a little to do with the fact that you promised wedding photos...

    We love you! Can't wait to hear more about your hilarious family beach trip!

  3. It sounds like you have all the ingredients for a quality, family vacay :)

  4. E!!!!! We are so close right now!!! Im in Edisto! I so want to meet Poppy in person!

  5. Amanda, I feel SO honored that you are reading my blog in Greece! :) I feel SO jealous that you are in Greece! Hope you are having a blast, and enjoyed the wedding photos. I have lots more to show you when you get home! (Can't wait!)

    Nikki, how far away is Edisto? I would LOVE to see you! Who are you with?!?!

  6. Hey, apparently its further than I thought. But will I be seeing you this weekend in Charleston for Pryors thing? I need to get in touch with the girl that did your blog-whats her email?
    Im with Will's family.


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