Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Twelve

Four years out of college, our lives look really different now.  Eight of us (soon to be nine) are married.  Three are teachers.  Four are in the medical profession. Three have husbands in seminary or full time ministry.  Two have babies. We live in seven different states, and twelve different cities. 

It's a far cry from spanning two houses at the same college and seeing each other (at least) every Wednesday night for "Bible Study." Sometimes, I really grieve for the days when we knew every last detail about each other's lives.  Sometimes, e-mail and phone calls just don't cut it.  I HATE that I don't really know their boyfriends, or husbands, or new best friends. Change is hard for me.

We're different.  Our friendships are different.  

BUT, some things stay the same.   

I still laugh harder with these girls than with anyone else.

I still feel like myself with them, no matter how much time has passed between visits.

We still stay up too late and eat too much junk food when we are together.

We still are way too load and act awkward in big social settings... And, sometimes, we still get banished to "private" rooms.

We still give a jewelry box to the newest bride,

and pass down a Clemson garter we've all worn and signed.

(FYI: Two of the twelve couldn't make it this weekend... Nikki & Julie, you were missed!)

We still dance like ridiculous fools to "Livin' on a Prayer" at every wedding. (Even if "we" are pregnant & supposed to be "taking it easy.")

We still do things like cut off our bridesmaid's dresses because we're hot and it's constricting "our moves."

We still giggle and embarrass each other over new boyfriends, "the wedding night" etc.

And, no matter how different our lives look now, we still know each other's hearts... And, really, that's what matters...

So, we learn from each other's different worlds.  We cry when they are ugly, and we celebrate when they are beautiful!

We cling to our time together, and suck all the marrow out of it.

We know not everyone gets to have friendships like these in life, so we treasure our memories and thank our God for these blessings.

And, we let things change (just a little bit), because we know the important stuff will last. :)


  1. i love us :-) thanks for posting friend.

  2. so thankful to have been a part of your life for 8 years and counting :) i love you so very much.
    ps--thanks for choosing that jonathan pic over the other one ;)

  3. This post makes me think of my best friends. There are 5 of us and I can only hope that we are still as close as you girls are when we're your age!

  4. I treasure my college "big chill" gang so very much!! We have been the same six for 30 years!! Yes, we all have changed over the years and shared everything possible...that is just what strenghtens your friendships.
    Great post, E!!!

  5. Great post!! I love it!
    Btw, you have an award waiting for you on my blog later today so stop by and pick it up :)
    I really love your blog!!!

  6. Cut your bridesmaids dresses?! What a sweet story of great friendship. :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. love this post. love how you described your friendship. love the pics. (LOVE lindsey and liz dancing and the shot of Lindsey dancing with her face all crazy)
    PS brilliant idea to cut the bridesmaid's dress at the reception!

  8. What a great post! Girl friends are the best!

  9. I almost cried reading your post. It was very touching and made me think of my girlfriends from college. The final of our eight is getting married next weekend. I can't wait to see them all. Good post and thanks for the warm heart-felt feeling today!

  10. how wonderful! i miss my college girlfriends so much.


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